Florida Pool Patio

My father started this business 20 years ago and with hard work and a reputation for building quality pools the business grew. I learned 3 very important things from my father which I adhere to until this day; build a better pool than anyone, respect your customer, and never settle. As a second generation pool builder I take great pride in delivering the best pool possible to my clients. However, it goes deeper than that. I take it as a personal responsibility to keep up with the technology that is available. Not only does it help clients save money but it preserves the environment so that generations ahead of us can enjoy the same experience. This means continuing education on new products, attending trade shows throughout the country, learning the pros and cons of materials used, and certifications. The second generation must move forward. Our company of professionals will not settle for merely building pools and patios. We want to impact the environment in a positive way and offer our clients the benefit of our knowledge. From construction to maintenance , to outstanding customer service, we will never settle for less than the best.

Claudio Valero,    

President and CEO