Why It’s Important To Close Your Pool Properly

It’s crucial to take the time to close your pool properly, especially in regions that are experiencing winter. This ensures protection from winter damage and reduces stress during spring cleaning. Proper closing saves money in the long run and sets the stage for a smooth pool reopening. If you’re unsure how to close an above ground pool, following a few key steps can make the process straightforward and effective.

When to Close Your Pool for the Winter

If temperatures consistently drop below 65°F, it’s time to close your pool.


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How to Close an Above Ground Pool

Nine Steps to Close Your Above Ground Pool

Step 1: Deep Clean

Before winterizing, thoroughly vacuum and brush debris from your pool to prepare it for final balancing and prevent algae growth.

Step 2: Balance Your Water

Test and adjust water pH (7.2-7.5), alkalinity (80-120 ppm), and calcium hardness (200-350 ppm) to maximize winter chemical effectiveness.

Step 3: Add Winterizing Chemicals

Use a pool closing kit with products like Blue Shield Winterizer and Winter Tabs to maintain pool cleanliness throughout winter.

Step 4: Add Pump Protector

Apply a liquid pump protection through the skimmer to safeguard against corrosion and maintain pump integrity.

How to Close an Above Ground Pool

Step 6: Prepare Your Filter for Hibernation

Disconnect and store filter hoses indoors after cleaning and draining the filter to prevent winter damage.

Step 7: Clean the Pool

Remove all pool accessories and debris, leaving only essential winterizing elements.

Step 8: Set Up Ice Equalizer Pillow

Fill an ice equalizer pillow and position it correctly to absorb ice pressure, securing it with cover rope or Pool Pillow Pal.

Step 9: Covering the Pool

Use a properly sized cover and secure it with clips, cables, and a locking winch to protect against wind and debris.

Continued Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Regularly remove excess water, debris, and snow from the cover to prevent damage and ensure longevity.

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