About Us

Our mantra is simple. "Be the BEST"

Build pools that are built to last. Most pools look good new, but a pool built with precision, high quality products, perfectly engineered, and total commitment to quality will hold up over time. Best pool builders in Miami, Florida.


The pool of tomorrow is already here with the right builder. By using less chemicals and energy you save money and minimize the impact on earth.


Florida Pool Patio has kept up with the latest technology and can incorporate state of the art products resulting in significant savings.


Florida Pool Patio is second generation company that has built a reputation on providing a positive experience and satisfied clientele with the latest technology.

More than 25 years of experience


Our Mission


Our foremost focus is on our customers; listening to their needs, providing solutions that incorporate the latest energy and money-saving technologies, and delivering to them complete satisfaction. We intend to do that by committing to:

  • Customized service specific to each individual needs
  • Guaranteeing 100% satisfaction
  • Offering them the best available technology
  • Working within budget and time frame

President's Message


My father started this business 20 years ago and with dedication and a reputation for building quality pools the business keeps growing. I learned 3 very important aspects from my father which I adhere until this day; build a better pool than anyone, respect your customer, and never surrender. As a second generation pool designer and  builder I take great pride in delivering the best  results to my clients.

I take it as a personal responsibility to keep up with the technology that is available; not only does it help clients save money but it preserves the environment so that generations ahead of us can enjoy the same experience. This means continuing education on new products, attending trade shows throughout the country, learning the pros and cons of materials we used, and obtaining certifications to be able to provide our clients the best.

Our company will not settle merely building pools and patios; we want to positively impact the environment and offer our clients the benefit of our knowledge. From construction to maintenance, to outstanding customer service, we will never settle for less than the best.


Claudio Valero

Our Certifications


  • CPO (operator of aquatic facilities)
  • Sustainable building engineering certification
  • Water Resources engineering certification
  • Reinforced concrete design
  • Structural steel design
  • Integrated solid/waste-water management
  • Estimating in building construction
  • Geotechnical Engineering(soil engineering)
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Commercial/residential swimming pool construction
  • Certified General contractor

Our Partnerships

Pool and Hot Tub Alliance