Swimming Pool and Spa Repairs In Miami

Swimming Pool and Spa Repairs In Miami

There are very few things that are worse than having a leaking pool. It’s not only a nuisance to deal with, but it can also be a rather costly fix, especially if you don’t deal with it in time. At Florida Pool Patio, we offer swimming pool repairs, and we guarantee customer’s satisfaction. With over 25 years of experience under our belt, we are among your best choices as far as pool repairs in Miami go.

Our team consists of experienced individuals who have been a part of this industry for years, if not decades, and rest assured that they know exactly what it takes to fix a leak in a pool and make sure it does not happen again. We offer leak detection and repair services from Monday through Saturday, and our technicians will make sure to maintain your pool as well as the chemicals in the water at optimal levels.

Our swimming pool and spa repair services include:

  • Repairs and Replacement of Pool Motors
  • Repairs of Salt Chlorinators
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Repairs of Swimming Pools and Spa Lighting Systems
  • Heat Pump Repairs or Replacements
  • Swimming Pool Filter Repairs
  • Automation System Repairs
  • Automatic Cleaner Repairs
  • Pool Deck Repairs
  • Pool Pump Repairs
  • Pool Crack Repairs
  • Pool and Spa Blowers Repair
  • Repairs and Replacement of Collector Tanks
  • Coping and Tile Repair
  • Calibration and Repairs of PH and ORP Systems
  • Variable Speed Pump Repairs

Apart from the repair service mentioned above, we will also service and maintain your pool in optimal condition every week. This includes brushing your pool walls and floors as needed, vacuuming your pool or spa, skimming leaves and debris from the surface, backwashing and cleaning your filters, and keeping the chemical composition of the water balanced. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive swimming pool and spa service – Florida Pool Patio has you covered!

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Many people don’t want to deal with regular pool maintenance as long as their pool or spa is functional and seemingly in good condition. However, not many people know that a simple crack you may have overseen has the potential to become a massive nuisance the longer it goes undetected. Once it starts spreading and causing noticeable problems, it is already too late for prevention; it’s time for repairs. In other words, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and it’s
especially true when it comes to swimming pools and spa repairs since they can sometimes be rather costly.

Call us for an estimate today, and we will be more than happy to undertake any repairs and maintenance projects. We strive to meet our client’s expectations and requirements by providing the best swimming pool and spa repairs in Miami.