If you desire to spend your summer relaxing in the pool, now is the right time to start planning. Summer is almost here; it’s just around the corner, and to welcome it in the right way; you should start thinking about above-ground pool deck construction right about now.  

An above-ground pool deck is not always necessary when you have a pool above the ground. However, it can make everything look much prettier. It can also make your yard seem neat and put together. So, let’s see your choices and the best material for an above-ground pool deck.  

Let Us Help You Decide Easily  

Too many options produce confusion, and it’s not always easy to decide, especially when everything that’s laid in front of you is good. So, we’ll try to help you out a bit with the whole process of selecting and choosing the right fit for you.  

Remodeling your pool and installing a new deck is a big deal and something that you potentially don’t want to do again anytime soon. We can first suggest that you think twice before completing any big decisions. Don’t make any impulsive decisions, and be sure to consult with your family members and see if they have any exciting concepts.   

Some of the critical things you should consider before picking the material for your deck are the weather conditions and the amount of sun your pool gets during the day. And don’t forget about your budget; it can also play a significant role in deciding.   

And finally, don’t fall for trends or something that anyone else recommended you. Always choose something you like, and know you’ll love and enjoy even after a few years.  

Above-Ground Pool Decking Possibilities  

Luxury Home With a Deck and a Pool

There are four different decking styles from which you can pick. And the choice can depend on various factors, like your preferences, the type and style you are going for, and your budget.   

Here are the four primary above-ground pool decking options you can choose from:   

  • Combination decks  
  • Full-surround decks  
  • Decks for semi-inground pools  
  • Side decks  


If you can’t decide which alternative is the most suitable for you, it’s always best to combine a few good concepts. An excellent above-ground pool decking option is the combined one. Hybrid decks are also a good choice if you have a specific look in mind that you would love to have and experience in your yard. When it comes to custom decks, only the sky is the limit. If you decide on something like this, you have an opportunity to play with the design.  


The most common decks for above-ground pools are the full-surround ones. It encircles the entire pool, concealing the walls and giving you a perfect finished appearance. If you have a lot of area in your yard and you want to use it in a good way, don’t look further. You’ll also have enough space for other amenities that will fit perfectly into your new pool area.  

Decks for Semi-Inground Pools  

For a semi-inground pool, you need to have a specific deck for it. There are a few options from which you can choose, and all of them can look incredible when done correctly. You can make a deck with multiple tiers that look outstanding or a full-surround one. If you want your yard to look extra special, then you can play with landscaping and incorporate a side terrace with an exposed wall full of beautiful plants and flowers. The possibilities are endless, and with a good team, you can easily have a gorgeous deck in no time.  

Side Decks  

Side decks are a good option for small-sized backyards. They don’t give you much space like the full-surround option, but you’ll have enough room to arrange a smaller outdoor seating area. They’re also a budget-friendly option if you seek a more affordable deck.  

The Best Material for Above-Ground Pool Deck  

There are a few materials that you can choose from when creating your ideal above-ground pool deck. Before selecting the material you would like to use, you must think about a few factors, like the weather conditions, what type of durability you expect, and what budget you have.  

You can choose wood, PVC/plastic, aluminum, and composite decking. 


The material people like the most is wood. It looks extraordinary, and it can look like it for many years to come with proper maintenance. Wood will look especially good if you have wooden details in your backyard, but it will also fit right into most aesthetics. If you decide on it, you need to know that you’ll have to maintain it properly if you don’t want it to deform.  


The right choice is always PVC/plastic if you seek a lower-maintenance material. Think about every little problem you could have with wood; you’ll not have it if you go for this kind of material. You are not required to maintain it like wood, and even after many years, it will look almost like it looked the first day.  


One of the rare selections people make when constructing decks for above-ground pools is choosing aluminum. But it should be used more commonly because it’s a fantastic durable material that’s almost weightless. Aluminum is also robust, and it’s not susceptible to issues that wood and PVC/plastic have. It’s not going to rot, the insects will not infest it, it will not crack, and it won’t even rust. With aluminum, you don’t have to worry about the upkeep, and you’ll get a beautiful result to enjoy.

Composite Decking  

 Above Ground Pool Sunken Below Ground and Surrounded by Decking

And the final alternative we have for you is composite decking. It combines the best from both worlds, wood and plastic. It looks outstanding, but it will not bother you like the natural wood with potential mold, nasty insects, rot, and similar things. It’s a solution that gives you a look of natural wood with all of the pros of synthetic materials.  

Additional Useful Advice  

We hope that we have helped you a bit with your future renovation project and that now you have a much clearer vision of how everything should look. However, there’s something even more important than the style and the material because how something looks is not the essential thing in the world. You should always look for a good-quality material; even if you don’t want to break your bank with this purchase, look at it as an investment. And you should always invest in a good construction team. Because, no matter the design, the top-quality material, and all your ideas if the construction isn’t done correctly.  

You’ll want to make sure to hire a reputable company for any construction around your pool if you want to have a stress-free experience and a deck that will last you for ages. The best choice is to hire licensed and insured professionals who will make your ideas come to life. Florida Pool Patio has over 25 years of experience, and we are proud to offer you our impeccable and high-quality services. If you have an above-ground pool and want to upgrade it with a deck, don’t hesitate to contact us.