Above-ground pools can be a more affordable option compared to permanent in-ground swimming pools. However, the cost of adding a deck to these pools can quickly become expensive. These decks are designed to make the above-ground pools blend seamlessly into the landscape, giving them a cohesive look. But some of the more intricate designs can end up costing as much as an in-ground pool.

Luckily, there are above-ground pool decks that can help you save both money and time without compromising on the design or making your pool look like it doesn’t belong in your yard.



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Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck Ideas


Budget-Friendly Above-Ground Swimming Pool Deck Ideas

Build Just Enough Decking

This above-ground pool boasts a stylish appearance with sleek black decking around the back. It’s a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, and they’ve left one side open to accommodate the “No Diving Sign.”

Put Down Pea Gravel

The pool is surrounded by pea gravel, which allows for proper drainage. The modern outdoor furniture near the pool complements the setting perfectly.

The Pool Framed with Tile

The blue color of the pool is mirrored by mosaic tiles that adorn this above-ground inflatable pool. It’s a stylish look that remains affordable when you stick to smaller sizes.

Combine Stone and Wood

The shallow pool takes on a modern appearance with its pea gravel platform and wooden platforms. Its low-profile design makes it seem like the pool has naturally sprung from the ground.

Classic Wood Decks Are a Great Choice

Wooden decks can be installed at a lower cost than vinyl or composite decks if you’re willing to maintain them. The deck will require refinishing and staining, but this isn’t a challenging task for those who are willing to do it.

Match the Partial Platform to the Deck

While a full platform can look great when it matches the deck or pool surroundings, it can be quite expensive. This monochromatic and cohesive appearance may not be as budget-friendly as it seems.

Integrate the Deck with Your Existing One

Save money on your pool deck by connecting it to your current deck. This avoids the need to build a completely new deck and gives your pool an infinity-style look.

Opt for a Smaller Pool

Even with a smaller pool, you can still afford high-end finishes. The size of the pool can make it feel luxurious without breaking the bank.

Place the Pool on a Platform

Having a pool in the middle of your landscape, sitting on a wooden platform, creates a delightful and seemingly spontaneous appearance. It’s also a more cost-effective option compared to building a deck connected to an existing outdoor area.

Consider Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is an excellent alternative to traditional concrete for pool decking. While this above-ground swimming pool may have been constructed with a larger budget, it still utilizes budget-friendly materials. The overall cost largely depends on the design you choose.

Keep It Simple

One of the most effective above ground swimming pool deck ideas is to keep things simple. Avoid mixing materials or getting too fancy. By sticking to simplicity, you can keep your costs down.

Consider Rubberized Tile

Interlocking non-slip pool tiles offer a practical and budget-friendly choice for your pool decking. They also allow for proper water drainage, reducing maintenance costs and keeping your pool in good shape.

Choose Classic Wood for a Nostalgic Look

Opting for a classic wooden deck can bring a nostalgic vibe to your pool area and is the most affordable way to enhance your pool deck. This type of deck can be built around an above-ground pool, seamlessly blending it into the landscape.

Invest in Small Areas

While installing tiles can be expensive, you can achieve a luxurious look without spending a fortune on large tiles. Just by using tiles immediately around the pool, you can create a magazine-worthy appearance. For the rest of the deck, you can go for wood, which is budget-friendly.

Incorporate It into the Deck

To give your above-ground pool a seamless, integrated look, cut out a section of your deck that perfectly accommodates it and then place the pool into position. This creates the illusion of an in-ground pool without the high cost.

Build a Fenced Deck

A deck that surrounds your pool with a fence can serve as a relaxing escape from the daily grind. This decking area can be an adult retreat while providing a safe space for children to play. Although vinyl plank decking is pricier upfront, it’s easier to maintain compared to wood, which requires refinishing and treatment every few years.

Add Benches for Custom Style

Enhance your pool deck with store-bought benches. These hexagonal benches not only provide additional seating but also offer a place to store bags and snacks, keeping them off the ground and organized.

Opt for Grass

Looking for a budget-friendly way to create a pool deck? Consider skipping the deck altogether. Surrounding your pool with green grass gives it a classic and inviting summer feel.

Elevate Your Pool Area

You can establish a pool area in a yard with multiple levels without the need for excavation or DIY projects. Utilize your current landscape to fashion a platform for your pool.

Opt for Artificial Turf

Choosing artificial turf to cover the pool’s surrounding area eliminates the need for seasonal replanting.


Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck Ideas


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