Florida Pool Patio brings over 25 years of luxury above ground swimming pools construction expertise to South Florida. Our experienced design and construction team will bring your backyard vision to life, allowing you to fully enjoy Florida’s sunny weather.

Each custom swimming pool project begins with a 3D design tailored to your goals and vision, ensuring clarity and alignment from the start. Our top-notch team will guide you through the entire process, fostering collaboration and ensuring top-quality results.

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Evolution Of Pool Design in Miami

Miami pool design has shifted from traditional rectangular shapes to more organic, freeform designs. These modern pools boast luxury features and advanced materials, enhancing both their appearance and functionality. Today, the focus is on creating custom outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend the pool with the surrounding landscape.

Luxury above-ground swimming pools in Miami often utilize natural stone or glass tiles, lending them a sleek and upscale aesthetic. There’s also a growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices, such as energy-efficient pumping and solar heating, which are in line with the city’s sustainability goals.

The introduction of automation and remote control technology has revolutionized pool management, offering unparalleled convenience and control to owners. These innovations have set new standards in pool design and construction not only in Miami but also in neighboring areas like Palm Beach.

To elevate the appeal and functionality of a Miami pool, it’s vital to incorporate luxury features and modern materials. Natural stone and glass tiles can impart a contemporary, luxurious feel, while eco-friendly elements underscore the city’s commitment to sustainability. Smart technologies like automation and remote control are now integral to pool design, providing owners with enhanced ease of use and management.



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Miami Pool Construction Trends

Miami’s pool construction industry is embracing innovative and luxurious features to cater to the city’s upscale lifestyle. Infinity-edged pools have become a sought-after trend for their modern and luxurious look, perfectly complementing Miami’s high-end vibe. Smart pool technology is also gaining traction, offering automated cleaning systems and remote-controlled features for added convenience and efficiency.

There’s a growing interest in eco-friendly and sustainable pool designs, with a focus on solar heating and energy-efficient pumps. Another emerging trend involves using materials like glass tiles, stone, and exotic woods to create visually striking pool designs that reflect the city’s vibrant culture.

Multi-functional pool spaces are becoming increasingly popular, incorporating integrated spas, fire features, and outdoor living areas to mimic a resort-like experience at home. This trend is particularly prevalent in areas such as Biscayne Bay, Cooper City, and Pompano Beach.

Miami’s custom pool builders are adapting to these trends, ensuring that construction processes align with residents’ desires, especially during the hot summer season. These trends underscore the city’s commitment to luxury, innovation, and environmental sustainability in pool construction.


Custom Swimming Pools Process

If you’re considering your first or second custom swimming pool in South Florida, you might have questions about what to expect and the process. Our team has created the following timeline to help you plan for your luxury above-ground swimming pool project.

Laying the Foundation

Once we break ground, the project kicks off. The hole dug will be deeper and larger than the finished pool. We’ll then use steel rebar to line the hole once we’ve found the perfect space.

Pass Local Inspections

An inspector will review your pool plans and inspect the construction site in South Florida after we’ve laid the foundation for your project. This ensures everything is compliant. Throughout your project, there will be inspections scheduled over a span of 25 days.

Shell Installation

Once we receive approval from the inspection, we’ll apply the concrete for the pool shells and steps. Additionally, we’ll install swim-outs and any necessary rough plumbing, along with fountains or swim-outs.

Strip and Backfill

Next, we’ll start backfilling and installing braces. If you reside in specific areas of South Florida, you might need to conduct an elevation or tie-in survey at this stage. Our team will include this in your timeline and provide you with details.

Inspection and Installation of Plumbing

Next, our team will start digging trenches for the pipes that will be laid from your pool to the pool equipment.

Electrical Equipment Inspection and Installation

We will start by setting up the electrical connections. Once we have your connection details and elevation survey, our team will install the necessary wiring and lighting. At the same time, we will install your gas heaters, pool filter, and pump.

Patio Preparation

Our construction team will inspect the area before laying any pavers or adding extra design elements. They will level and compact the sub-base to prepare for your patio.

Installing Tiles and Decks

Once your patio is set up, we’ll proceed to install the pool coping along the waterline tile of your pool, as well as sand and prepare your deck and planter areas. Finally, we’ll complete your patio with the paver of your choice.

Responsibilities of the Homeowner

We will outline specific tasks that need to be completed before finalizing your project. These tasks may include installing sod, fencing, sprinkler systems, alarms, and landscaping, among others.

Apply Pool Plaster and Fill

We’re almost finished! In this phase, we’ll prepare the concrete surfaces and apply your pool finish so that we can fill it with water. Your pool is considered full when the water reaches halfway up the tile.

Final Inspection

Now, we’ll clean up by removing all the tools and debris from the initial construction phase. Additionally, we’ll conduct a final evaluation of your yard.

Balance Your Pool Water

The fire-up crew will balance the acid in your pool after it’s been filled. It’s normal for the water to appear cloudy during this time. Once your custom pool’s water is balanced, we’ll inform you.

New Owner Orientation

You can now enjoy your new custom-made swimming pool. But before you dive in, be sure to schedule an orientation appointment with our service department. We’ll answer all your questions about your new swimming pool and show you the proper way to use your pool equipment.


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