Is there anything sadder than a swimming pool that hasn’t lived up to its potential? If you desire to have a pool or already have one, you should equip it properly and maintain it well. 

One of the things that people often forget about is the lightning environment of a pool and everything that it brings. Is your pool well-lit, and how does it look? Is it pleasing to the eye, providing just the amount of safety it requires, or is it unlikable, making your backyard look average?

If you want to explore more pool light options and enrich your pool and its environment, you have come to the right place. We are about to delve into the discussion about the best possible pool lighting options. The Florida Pool Patio Company specialists will share their thoughts and advice on types of pool lights, so you can choose the ones that best suit your pool and backyard.

Whether you want to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere or achieve a dramatic setting with the light fixtures, we are here to share all the possible pool light types with you, so be sure to keep reading. 

The Available Pool Lighting Options

In the following lines, we will share with you the best available pool light options. You can choose from the three options, LED, Halogen, and Incandescent, and we will talk about each in more detail. 

LED Lights

Swimming Pool With Decorative Led Lights and Brick Wall

LED pool light options are pretty popular and often the first choice of many. They can be used for any pool type, from above-ground to in-ground. This pool lighting option is loved by many as they are cost-efficient, long-lasting, and can produce quite remarkable brightness. 

As mentioned above, your pool is only as good as the time and money you invest in maintenance. However, no one says you need to spend all your precious time working around your pool. And LED pool light options can help you save time, as they are rather practical and don’t steal your time when they are due to be changed. You don’t even have to hire a professional to change the LED light fixture once it needs to be changed. We must mention how long-lasting these lights are, as they can provide illumination for more than 50,000 hours or around 2080 days. You must admit, that number is impressive. 

Another fun LED light feature is they can provide you with a range of colors to help you set the mood and atmosphere to your liking and according to the situation.


Halogen is a standard pool light option, and these lights were popular some time ago due to the belief that they have a very long lifespan. They are also cost-efficient as they use less energy when they shine. 

The way Halogen lights work is interesting as they have gas inside the bulb (halogen gas) that produces the light. The downside of this option is that they have a specific yellow haze that doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. Also, it turned out they don’t have such a long lifespan after all. 


The old-school option is definitely the Incandescent bulbs. They are simple, similar to those used indoors, and have a pleasant yellow shade. However, that shade of yellow is not everyone’s cup of tea, which made these passé rather quickly. 

Incandescent bulbs are not popular today, and most likely, no one wants to use them, as the yellow haze can make the pool look a bit filthy and unmaintained. We do not recommend settling for this option as it is not the most cost-efficient, and the overall atmosphere these bulbs produce is not entirely pleasing. Basically, these lights are a thing of the past. 

Different Pool Light Types

We established the available pool light options you can choose from, so it is time to talk about the types of pool lights you can install in your pool and incorporate into your landscape. 

Underwater Lights

Underwater Lights

There are two underwater pool light types used today, LED and Halogen. And while searching for the best selection, you will encounter surface-mounted and flush-mounted options. 

Surface-Mounted LED Lights

The surface-mounted LED lights are the best and most loved type of pool light. They are easy to install and powerful enough to light every inch of your pool. They are also a breeze to replace and upgrade. Their only downside is that they tend to break easily as they stick out a little. Because of that, it’s not the best idea to opt for them if children often use the pool or you frequently host parties for many invites. 

Surface-Mounted Halogen Lights

Another surface-mounted option is the Halogen one. People tend to choose this when they want to save a few bucks but still want to make their pool presentable. Another advantage is the effortless installation process that doesn’t take much time.

Flush-Mounted LED Lights

Another LED option is the flush-mounted one. People tend to go with this option when they frequently use the pool, or there is a significant amount of people using it. With the flush-mounted pool lighting option, you don’t have to be afraid that anything will break, as nothing is sticking out like in the case of the surface-mounted ones. 

Aside from all the positive aspects of this light alternative, the downside is the cost. If you wish to redo your pool and renovate it, you should know that installing flush-mounted LED lights is relatively expensive and complicated. However, consider this option if you are building a pool from scratch. 

Flush-Mounted Halogen Lights

Many who want flush-mounted lights but are worried about the expenses should often decide on the Halogen option. Keep in mind, though, that Halogen lights may be cheaper than LED ones, but they use more power when turned on and need more maintenance. And when you consider all of that, they are costly in the long run. 

Landscape Lights

When thinking about the types of pool lights and the options you have, you should also think about the lights that will go around your pool. These will make the environment safe and more pleasant. And you have two options, both of them acceptable and reasonably accessible. 

Simple Pool Garden Lighting

You can use simple pool garden lighting if you don’t want to complicate things. You can efficiently transform your backyard into a true sanctuary of relaxation if you have a good plan for where to place the lights. If you don’t know how to do it, you can always consult with an expert. 

LED Flood Lights

The second option of LED flood lights can also be brilliant and make your swimming pool look marvelous. The best thing about it is that it can light up vast areas around your pool and doesn’t consume much energy.

Final Words

Hopefully, we’ve explained the available options well to make your choice easier. 

If you are still struggling to find the answers and the best light fixtures for your pool, we can help you a bit more. Our company has done many pools and spa lighting systems repairing in Miami, Florida, and our team of trained and licensed professionals has years of experience. Our countless satisfied clients can vouch for us and assure you that satisfying you and your needs is our primary mission. 

So, if you have any more questions or confusion regarding this topic, feel free to contact us today.