Dive into these modern custom swimming pool designs and soak up the beauty. Whether it’s a sunny day or a cool evening, your backyard oasis awaits. Modern pools come in all shapes and sizes, customized to suit your style. Start planning your getaway at home now. With a pool this inviting, you’ll never want to leave its side.


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1. All White Design

Every day feels like a pool day with this sleek and modern pool design. Its clean lines and matching furniture add sophistication to any backyard.

2. Plunge Pool

Who says small pools can’t be stylish? Plunge pools may be compact, but they’re fully customizable, making them perfect for smaller spaces. Take a refreshing dip without sacrificing style.

3. A Shady Spot

Even sun lovers need a break sometimes. Incorporate an umbrella stand into your pool design for a shady retreat. It’s the perfect way to cool off and escape the heat on scorching summer days.

4. An Indoor and Outdoor Pool

For a modern twist, consider adding a roof over your custom swimming pool. This not only adds style but also provides protection from the elements and the sun. It’s a chic addition to your outdoor space, blending indoor comfort with outdoor fun.

5. Pool House in the Woods

Let nature inspire your pool design by placing it amidst the trees. You don’t need an island paradise to create luxury – a forest retreat can be just as lavish. This modern pool, nestled in the woods with its accompanying pool house, offers sophistication and a serene natural backdrop.

6. Add Some Heat

Spice up your pool experience with fire features. They not only provide warmth but also add ambiance and extra light for those cooler evenings. With outdoor fireplaces, you can keep the party going even after the sun sets, entertaining guests while enjoying the poolside warmth.

7. Wrap the Pool Around an Outdoor Kitchen

Elevate your backyard entertaining with a poolside outdoor kitchen. It’s the ultimate summer hangout spot, where you can cook, dine, and swim all in one place. With this beautiful addition, you might find yourself wanting to spend every meal by the pool.

8. Infinity Pool Vibes

Experience resort-style relaxation right in your own backyard with an infinity custom swimming pool. This stunning feature creates the illusion of endless water, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Whether it’s a majestic mountain view, lush greenery, or another body of water, this custom design accentuates the beauty of your surroundings.

9. Rockscapes with Waterfalls

Transform your pool into a secluded paradise by incorporating natural elements like rocks and waterfalls. These additions not only add texture and visual interest but also provide privacy. Whether it’s layered rock walls or cascading waterfalls, these features can easily enhance the look of your pool and can be added to existing ones.

10. Curves, Edges, and Plenty of Them

Let your imagination run wild with modern pool designs that offer plenty of flexibility. Whether it’s curves that mimic the shape of your deck or patio, or unique edges following an existing pattern, you have the freedom to customize your pool to fit your space perfectly.

11. Light up the Night

Add plenty of lighting to the pool area to keep the party going until the early hours of the morning. Moonlighting is a great way to create ambiance. Soft lights placed around trees, along the pool’s edge, or on decks and patios can enhance the atmosphere. Adding lights to the pool or water features can make them a part of the show. With an app, you can change the color of your water, wowing guests at night with a water and light display.

12. Add Water Feature Accents

Enhance your pool’s modern look with a sleek water feature. Whether it’s a waterfall cascading down a stone or tile wall, or a tranquil rain curtain, the sight and sound of flowing water can create a soothing outdoor atmosphere.

13. Get a Chair

Make poolside relaxation effortless with a lounge area featuring zero-entry access. Modern tables and loungers add to the comfort and style, inviting you to unwind with a refreshing beverage. This contemporary design ensures that slipping into your swimsuit will be well worth it.

14. Poolside Garden

Surround your patio, deck, or custom swimming pool with a vibrant garden of flowers and lush landscaping. Complete the scene with a cabana, pergola, or outdoor furniture, providing guests with a cozy and inviting retreat.

15. Man Caves Outside

Why confine yourself indoors when you can enjoy your favorite comforts by the pool? Equip your pool area with a mini-fridge, kitchen, bar, and other entertainment essentials. Whether you’re relaxing in the water or lounging poolside, you can binge-watch your favorite shows or enjoy a late-night snack without missing a beat.

16. The Pool with a View

Make the most of your backyard’s stunning scenery by designing your pool to complement it. Arrange your pool layout to frame the picturesque landscape, creating a private resort-like atmosphere right at home.

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