Summer is here! If you didn’t open your pool by now, this is that time of the year! The temperature is getting higher every day, and naturally, people need to cool off. The only problem is your pool was covered during the colder weather, and now you need to know how to open a pool for summer. 

Well, no worries! We have created the perfect pool opening checklist for you. Read on if you want to know when to clean the leaves, check the pumps, or add water. And, if you don’t feel like doing the job, you can always hire a swimming pool service. That way you’ll know the job will be done correctly, and there will be no work for you.

Clean All the Excess Off Your Pool Cover

Your pool has most likely been covered since October or so, and since that time, a lot has happened. Most importantly – fall happened. And during the fall, leaves end up on top of your protection. So before your pool opens you need to clean up everything on top of the cover. 

Be careful when you do this because you don’t want to damage the covering. If you tear your protection, leaves and dirt might go through the hole. This will make your job of cleaning the pool more difficult. And, to make the damage even worse, you won’t have a cover for next year.

Your covering has likely accumulated some water during its time outside. So before you take it off, use a submersible pump to remove the water and make your job a bit easier. It would be best to have a leaf blower for the next step. Using a broom to remove the leaves might damage the covering, so blowing it all off would be best. Lastly, you can sweep the remaining dust, and you’re ready to take off the cover. 

And there you go, the first item on your pool opening checklist is done!

Uncover the Pool

Swimming Pool With Cover From Dirt and Isolation.

Uncovering the pool is the next step before having it ready for the official pool opening. For this step, you’ll need the help of a friend to do a proper job as quickly as possible. Once you’re done with cleaning the pool cover, you can unhook the anchors. 

Next, have your friend grab one corner while you hold the other one. Lift the covering and pull to the other side of the pool. While doing this, concentrate on not spilling any remaining dirt in the water. If you fail to keep all the dirt out, no worries, you’ll need to clean the pool either way.

Fold the cover with your friend all the way to the end of the pool and take it off completely. Depending on how dirty it is, you can wash it just by using a water hose, or try something a bit more serious. If you have a cover cleaning solution, this is the perfect time to use it. If not, you can use diluted bleach as well. 

All you need to do is fill a container with the solution and dip your cover in the tub. Once the entire cover is soaked, leave it like that for a few hours. After you take it out, make sure to rinse it with water. After washing it off, and drying the cover, you can safely store it for the next season.

Getting the Deck Back in Shape

Most people don’t take proper care of their deck outside of the pool season. If you aren’t one of them and your deck is already spotless, you can skip this step. For most pool owners, cleaning the deck is a fundamental part of the pool opening checklist. That’s why we explained how to do it the right way.

Everything you’ll need is some water and bleach, a bucket, and a broom.

  • Step 1 – Prepare the solution
    • 8 parts water
    • 1 part bleach
    • 1 part soap
  • Step 2 – Pour the mixed solution all over your deck
  • Step 3 – Scrub the deck with a brush. 
    • It’s best to use a brush with harder bristles. Deck tiles don’t damage easily, and you’ll do a better job cleaning.
  • Step 4 – Rinse off the deck
    • Using a hose would be the easiest way to perform this step, but your bucket can do the trick as well.

Set Up the Accessories

Your pool isn’t ready for opening unless you have everything that goes along with it. Of course, you can pour water into a hole in the ground, but that’s not what you want in your backyard. Pool accessories are an essential part of your property’s exterior during the summer, and if you’re getting ready for the season, it’s time to bring them out.

Some essentials like railings and ladders are going to require some time to put in. But that won’t be a hard job to do. All you need to do is screw a few bolts and they’ll be good to go.

This might be a good time to pull out some other accessories that make everything look a bit more summer-ready. If you have LED lights, speakers, or blow-up air mattresses, get them ready. It’s almost time to use them.

Fill up the Pool

Once again, the importance of this step depends on how you winterized your pool. Most likely, you’ll have to add some water nevertheless. Check the water level compared to the pool skimmer. If the water line is in the middle of the skimmer, you’re good to go. If it’s below, pour some water into the pool. 

Prepare and Start the Filter System

Before you start your pool systems, make sure you prep them accordingly. Firstly, you must reattach your pump’s drain plug. Then, empty the pump basket and check for any damages to the device. After that, you can add water to the pump. 

The filter also has a significant role in keeping your pool fresh. Before you power it, reattach its drain plug and the air pressure gauge. Then, set the multiport valve to the filter option.

Also, make sure to replace the drain plug from your heater before giving it any power.

Once you’ve checked and prepared all of your equipment, you are ready to give it power. If you see the pump running correctly, leave it on for the next 24 hours.

Knowing how to open a pool for summer isn’t that easy of a task, so if you aren’t sure what you’re doing and don’t want to risk it, hiring a swimming pool service is always the best choice.

Clean the Pool

Man Cleaning Swimming Pool With Vacuum Tube Cleaner Early in the Morning

Your pool seems fully functioning at the moment, but it still needs cleaning before it’s ready for the public. 

After you skim the water surface for leaves and such, you can continue the cleaning by brushing the walls with a brush. Use the same method for the stairs. A pool vacuum is necessary for the finishing touches, so make sure you have or rent one before it’s time to use it.

Get the Water Crystal Clear

You’ll need to clean the water before it’s time to jump in the pool. For this step, you’ll need some chemicals.

Some type of sanitizer will be necessary, most people use Chlorine, but you can try either Bromine or Biguanide as well. Also, you’ll need pool shock. Getting the PH levels in your pool is also crucial. You can affect the scale with soda ash and muriatic acid. And, affecting the calcium levels will be important too. Use calcium chloride to get them just right.

Learn about pool chemical safety before you do this.