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Choose Florida Pool Patio for all your pool needs. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients in South Florida, we are the experts in pool construction, repair, and remodeling.

Have you had to replace your swimming pool due to concrete cracks? Has this damaged pool taken away the fun you and your children used to have? Are you searching for expert pool repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Swimming in your own pool can be an overwhelming joy, but the potential damage to the pool itself can be frightening. Furthermore, a damaged pool can harm the reputation of a hotel or resort. Although swimming is a beloved pastime, a damaged pool is far from enjoyable.

However, you're in luck! Florida Pool Patio has arrived to come to your rescue. Don't let a damaged pool spoil your fun any longer. Contact Florida Pool Patio for expert pool repair services and get back to enjoying your pool in no time.

Repair Methods We Use

Below are some methods we use based on the damage:

  1. Applying Putty: Even small cracks and damages in a pool can eventually cause significant problems. Fortunately, using putty to repair minor surface cracks is a simple solution. The putty is designed to blend in seamlessly with your pool surface, ensuring a smooth and cohesive appearance. By addressing these minor issues promptly, you can prevent more significant problems from arising in the future.
  2. Plastering: This technique is used to fill in cracks, both minor and major, on the pool's surface. However, it requires draining the pool before applying the plaster. While plastering may be a bit more complex than using putty, it can restore your pool to its original, pristine condition.
  3. Stapling: Stapling is an effective solution for cracks in a pool that run from the floor to the wall. This method combines drilling, plastering, and stitching to reinforce the area, providing additional support to prevent further damage. It's especially useful for more extensive cracks that require a long-lasting solution.
  4. Injecting Epoxy: This technique is commonly used to repair cracks in the shell of a pool. The most durable and reliable approach involves injecting epoxy, which effectively fills all voids from the front to the back of the pool.
  5. Applying New Caulk: Applying new caulk is the most effective solution to address weather-related damage to your pool. It seals gaps and cracks to prevent further damage and improve the pool's appearance, ensuring its longevity and overall health.

Ready for Your Next Pool Project?

Why Choose Us for Pool Repair in Fort Lauderdale?

  • Florida Pool Patio prides itself on maintaining a clean and tidy work area.
  • We conduct nightly cleanups for jobs that take more than one day to complete.
  • We do not perform quick fixes without informing the customer of the actual duration of the pool repair.
  • In case the tile falls off the wall, we inform the customer on how to fix the beam that caused the problem to prevent the issue from recurring instead of just gluing it back on.
  • Our warranty covers all problems except for cases of system overheating and running dry.

Our Team Has Some Thoughts to Share With You!

  • Our pool installations and repairs are completed correctly the first time, eliminating the need for a second call.
  • You will receive an estimated completion date once the repair has been scheduled.
  • We provide 3 years of parts and labor for all your pool equipment.
  • Our top priority is your satisfaction.
  • We maintain a clean work environment during working hours.

Our staff consists of highly trained technicians with years of experience in the pool and spa industry. They are trained by multiple manufacturers to stay updated on the latest technology and are equipped to handle any issues that arise with your pool or spa. You can trust our knowledgeable technicians to quickly and efficiently resolve any problems you may encounter.

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Featured Projects

Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. View photo examples of our previous work in the gallery below, or contact us for more information.

5 Qualities You Should Look for in Luxury Pool Builders

Experience and Expertise

A pool contractor who has a track record of success and can show you examples of their work is a good choice. Pool builders should be able to manage all aspects of pool installation from design through construction and finishing touches.

Customization Options

You can customize your pool to reflect your style and preferences. You should look for pool builders who offer customization options such as different sizes and features.

Attention to Detail

Luxury pools should be perfect. You want a pool builder that pays attention to details and takes pride in what they do. You want them to be precise in planning and execution so that your pool is perfectly designed and built.

Excellent Communication

Work with a builder that is responsive, transparent, easy to deal with, and who can be trusted. You should be able and confident to explain the process clearly, answer your questions, and keep you updated every step of the journey.

Reputation and Reviews

You want a builder who has a good reputation within your locality and received positive reviews from previous clients. This will give you confidence that they can deliver a luxurious pool of high quality that meets all your requirements.

Why Choose Us?


Best warranty in the industry. We provide lifetime structural shell warranty, 3 years parts and labor for all your pool equipment. Forget about buying and lugging chemicals, we got that covered with top of the line equipment.


We are always putting you as our first priority. Your pool will have until the smallest detail considered, so you will only enjoy it at the end.


When your pool equipment breaks down, we will be there by your side to help you. it makes a big difference to know you will get help quickly.

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We offer comprehensive services, ranging from underwater lighting replacement to complete equipment replacement. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can handle any problem with an old-fashioned work ethic and a commitment to quality service. 

Our success is based on our reputation and dedication to our customers, rather than the size of our company. We rely on our customers' feedback and the market's response to evaluate our performance. Unlike other companies, we never subcontract our repairs to third parties. 

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