Are you experiencing issues with your swimming pool? Do you see signs you need pool repair? Maintaining your pool is crucial as poorly maintained ones can lead to costly repairs and even pose a risk to your health. Hence, this article will guide you on how to maintain your pool and identify problems before they turn into expensive repairs.


Why Swimming Is Great for Your Health

Swimming is essential for maintaining your mental and physical health. It provides a complete-body workout with less impact on your joints and muscles, making it the best way to stay healthy. When you swim, you’ll lose calories, increase your heart rate, and get a boost in endorphin production. Water is 80 times denser than air, so your body has extra resistance, resulting in a more efficient and comfortable workout than any other option.

Swimming can reduce your risk of developing many health conditions, such as stroke and type 2 diabetes, and help relieve joint pain. It’s also a great option for those recovering from an injury or going through pregnancy. Many runners even turn to swim when dealing with shin splints or other injuries because it’s low-impact but still very beneficial for your aerobic or anaerobic system.

In addition to physical benefits, swimming can also help with stress reduction, flexibility, and improving sleep patterns.


Why Regular Pool Maintenance Is Vital

You may be asking yourself, “Why is it important to maintain my pool? Do I need regular pool maintenance?” There are many reasons. Here are some!

Maintain Water Balance

Homeowners can experience problems with maintaining a normal water balance in their swimming pool. Failure to maintain the correct water balance can pose a danger to the pool’s quality and longevity. Too much chlorine in the pool can cause eye and skin irritation.

To maintain proper water balance, you should aim to keep the pool’s pH level at 7.4. At this pH level, you won’t feel any burning sensation because it’s the same level as your eyes.

Keep Your Pool’s Hardware

Pools can be a significant investment, but hardware that is not working properly can be a major problem. In poorly maintained swimming pools, the hardware can become damaged because it has to work harder without regular maintenance.

Maintaining your pool’s hardware is crucial. To ensure that your filter works smoothly, you should keep debris from accumulating. Failing to maintain your swimming pool in a clean and orderly manner can cause damage to the filter and other pool hardware. It’s a good idea to schedule regular pool service to prevent these issues from arising and to replace any damaged hardware.

Maintain Calcium Levels

High levels of calcium can cause your swimming pool water to become hard, and you may notice a layer of scaly material on the pool’s surfaces. To avoid this problem, it’s important to keep your pool clean and regularly check the water level.

One way to prevent high calcium levels is to add sodium hexametaphosphate and calcium chloride dihydrate to your pool water. These two steps can help you avoid unhealthy water and high calcium levels.

However, if your calcium levels are not maintained properly, you need to be prepared for potential issues such as broken pipes or a clogged filter.


Why You Should Hire a Pool Repair Expert

It’s not surprising that poorly maintained swimming pools can cause damage, high repair costs, and health risks. While you may not have the time to maintain your pool regularly, it’s crucial to do so.

If you’re too busy to maintain your pool, consider hiring a pool expert to take care of the maintenance, repairs, and servicing for you. Pool maintenance can be tedious, but it’s equally important. Regular pool service is necessary to ensure that your pool stays in top condition for many years.


Signs You Need a Pool Repair Service

What if your pool is not being maintained correctly? What are the signs that you should hire a pool service? There are many signs to help you recognize the need for pool service.

1. Malfunctioning Pool Heater

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for your morning swim and finding that your pool is freezing. You’re faced with a decision: either stay focused on your swimming and bear the cold water or go home and forget about it. But, you know you have to solve the problem.

A freezing pool is often a sign that your pool heater needs maintenance. A malfunctioning heater can cause several issues, including:

  • An unreliable power source
  • Temperature settings that are not correct
  • Filter damage
  • A broken pool pump
  • Pool valves damaged

A malfunctioning pool heater could be caused by any of these problems. You will need to fix the problem. Most likely, an expert will be needed to diagnose and provide a complete pool service.

2. Broken Swimming Pool Lights

Fixing swimming pool lights can be challenging. If your pool lights aren’t working correctly, they can render your pool unusable when it’s dark and make it less appealing overall. Additionally, swimming pool lights can be dangerous if electricity is mixed with water, so it’s best to call in an expert to fix them.

Broken swimming pool lights can be caused by various issues, such as a tripped circuit breaker. The process of repairing pool lights is complicated, so it’s recommended to hire professionals to do the job for you. This will ensure your safety and improve the quality of your pool.

3. Green Pool Water

You wake up and find that your swimming pool is green. This is not good. It means your pool may have a chemical imbalance. This is a common problem for swimming pool owners. Maintaining your pool’s chemical balance can prove difficult, especially if you are always busy or don’t have the resources.

Green water is usually caused by algae in the water. You can fix this yourself, but it’s easier to have someone else do the pool service. We recommend that you first test the water with a test strip or test kit if you decide to fix the problem yourself.

Once you know what your current chemical composition is, you can visit your local pool supply shop to get the chemicals and products required to fix the problem, which could include pool shock.

4. Discolored Grout

It is important to regularly inspect your pool for signs of grout discoloration or other issues. If you notice any problems, you should take action to address them as soon as possible. One potential issue to watch out for is a change in the color of the grout between your tiles.

5. Cracks

Swimming pool cracks can be a major issue. Even if they are small, cracks can cause problems in your swimming pool.

Cracks may appear on the deck and swimming pool walls. There are two types of swimming pool cracks: structural cracks and surface cracks.

While a surface crack may not cause any problems for your swimming pool, it can be unsightly. Structural cracks are more likely to cause leakage. Cracks in swimming pools are usually caused by poor design, poor workmanship, or soil problems.

An expert can maintain your pool and provide a service to identify design problems and root causes of cracks.

6. Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes are a common problem that swimming pools face and something you don’t want to handle on your own. Also blocked pipes can lead to dirty water, making it impossible for your filter to work effectively. This can result in your pool becoming unattractive, smelly, and even dangerous. Leaves and other debris can accumulate in your pipes, but it’s best to hire a professional to perform a pool service.

7. Blocked Sand Filter

Sand filters can last up to a decade but may fail if they are not replaced every 3-5 years. If you are noticing that your backwash cycles are getting shorter, it could be a sign that your sand filter is dirty or greasy and needs attention.

While it is possible to remove and replace a sand filter on your own, it can be a time-consuming and involved process with many steps. Consider hiring an expert to provide pool service and handle the task for you. This can save you time and ensure that the job is done correctly.


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