You probably know what it’s like to wake up and go to the pool for a quick dip only to find your pool has changed colors overnight. Since you have no idea what happened from your last swim till now, you’re left wondering why is my pool green.

Algae is usually the source of the color in your green pool water, but why do you have it now, can you stop it by yourself, or should you call pool care specialists to take care of it for you?

Check out our blog if you no longer want to ask yourself why does my pool keep turning green. We’ll let you know about all the reasons this keeps happening and give you ideas on how to fix a green pool.

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  • Increased Growth of Algae

The amount of chlorine you put in your pool can stop a certain amount of algae from growing. When the proportions are off, the event of pool water turning green happens. Naturally, when there is more algae growth and not enough chlorine, green pool water appears.

So, what causes more algae to grow in your pool?

  • If you aren’t using a pool cover, and leaves and other debris are falling into the pool, you may have found the first reason you have green pool water. All unnecessary organic material may be used as algae food, allowing it to develop.
  • Throwing parties during the summer is what pools are meant for. But unfortunately, excessive use may be the reason why you have pool water turning green. More guests equate to more sweat and skin cells to consume the chlorine, not allowing it to kill the algae.
  • Fertilizer helps your lawn grow, but if some of those phosphates end up in the pool, the algae can use them as food. So, don’t spray outside the lawn area. Be careful not to feed the one causing you the problems, or you’ll be the answer to the question, “why is my pool green”?
  • Once summer hits, warmer temperatures and more sunlight usually follow. Unfortunately, this allows algae to grow faster. So, when you see a rise in temperatures, it’s time to up the chlorine levels.
  • Not Enough Chlorine

Swimming Pool With Green Water

Since chlorine is the most common reason for pools to go green, its levels are the first thing you need to fix to fix the problem. 

Water with no chlorine isn’t safe to swim in since it usually has algae and insects in it. Algae makes your pool go green, and chlorine stops it from growing, so adding chlorine should be the first step in making your pool water crystal clear again.

You can add chlorine directly to the water through drums or by using a pump with a clock. The right amount varies depending on the circumstances. Temperature, direct sunlight, and the frequency of use determine the quantity of chlorine you’ll need to keep the water transparent.

  • Inadequate pH Levels

Chlorine may be the most important part in stopping pool water from turning green, but it surely isn’t the only one. If the pH levels aren’t where they should be, all the chlorine in the world won’t stop the algae from growing inside your pool.

The pH level you should strive for is somewhere between 7.4 and 7.6. Chlorine is pretty much useless in your pool if the levels go over 8.2. Apply a pH decreaser to lower the levels and keep your pool safe to use.

  • Lack or Abundance of Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

UV rays break down chlorine, so it doesn’t do its job after the sun has been out for some time. That’s when Cyanuric Acid comes in handy. Its goal is to create a bond with chlorine so that it won’t break that easily. That allows the chlorine to last longer when exposed to sunshine.

Having the right amount of CYA is crucial to keep your pool water clean and healthy. If you put too much CYA in the water, it will “lock up” chlorine and stop it from doing its part. On the other hand, if you don’t put enough acid in the water, the chlorine will evaporate quickly and lose its purpose.

If you aren’t sure how to fix a green pool, and often find yourself with the question of why does my pool keep turning green, contact pool care specialists to help you find the correct chemical dosages that will keep your pool looking better than ever.

Pool owners that have many trees or plants near their swimming area may have this issue. Wind can blow pollen on the surface of your pool water, and it may be hard to get rid of. Unfortunately, since it’s too small to be gathered by regular filters, pollen may accumulate for a longer time, causing the water to turn into a green-yellowish color.

But, there is some upside to pollen, instead of algae being your cause of green color. It may not look attractive, but pollen isn’t harmful to your health. People with allergies are the only ones who won’t enjoy the pool if it’s infected by pollen. Everybody else will be completely fine.

Old Swimming Pool With Green Water

  • Water Infected With Oxidized Metals

Many people look up how to fix a green pool, see the answer is mostly related to chlorine levels and end their search for a solution. When that doesn’t do the trick, they are still left with the question, “why is my pool green”? Well, though you may not see it, a lot of metal could be in your pool.

There are two most common ways metals can find their way inside your pool. Apart from metals coming into the pool through your water source, cheap algaecides can also get them there.

When the metals oxidize, they gain a greenish tint, which causes the pool water to look unappealing. It’s important to take care of this problem on time, or it may cause permanent damage. This type of issue can stain the finish of your pool and scar it forever.

Interestingly, people with blonde hair might want to avoid swimming in a pool with an excessive amount of metal. That is if they don’t want their hair to go green.

If You Need Help

After it’s all said and done, balancing the chemicals in your pool, stopping the water from turning green, or making it clear once again is a job that requires some knowledge and skills. If you aren’t willing to put in the time and prefer a professional to do the job for you, contact Florida Pool Patio.

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