So, you’ve decided that you want a pool in your backyard, but you don’t know anything about pool shapes and sizes. What’s the best pool shape? How to pick a pool? You’re facing a difficult decision. We’re here to help and answer those questions.

Many people look for the cheapest or the most practical swimming pool shape and just go for it. That may not be the best idea. There are other things to consider.

Rectangular pools are the most common out there. It doesn’t mean they are the best option for your property. Luckily, there are many different swimming pool shapes to choose from. You have to find what suits your yard best.

Read our blog before you decide what’s the best pool shape for you. We’ll present the most popular swimming pool shapes on the market and let you know what to consider before you make the decision.

What to Consider Before You Pick a Pool

  • What Are Your Spacing Capabilities?

Do you already know where you want your pool to be installed? If you do, then take a look around. What does your yard look like? If it’s an unusual shape, maybe that’s what your pool should look like. Just like yards, there is a variety of pool shapes and sizes you can choose from. 

For example, an L-shaped yard will perfectly fit an L-shaped pool. With extra space, there’s room for improvisation. If you have a spacious backyard you can create lounging areas with a freeform pool. That’s the best pool shape to make your leisure zone stand out to any guest you welcome. 

On the other hand, a yard with less space will be tougher to improvise with. So do some measuring and see what you can fit before you decide firmly on a pool shape.

Wooden Lounge Chairs in Modern Villa Pool and Deck

  • What’s Everyday Use Going to Look Like?

If you plan on diving or swimming as a workout, going for a short and shallow pool won’t fit your needs that well. However, a long and deep, rectangular-shaped pool is a perfect choice. 

If you have kids, you should consider a pool with both shallow and deep ends so everybody can enjoy it. How many people should your pool fit at the same time? Choose from a variety of pool shapes and sizes based on your needs and preferences. Think about your plans for the swimming area and get something functional instead of an impulse buy that will do more harm than good.

  • The Rest of the Architecture

Take a look at your house from the front and the back. Think about what architectural style it is and what swimming pool shapes would complement it the best. Don’t look at a swimming pool as a single object, but a part of your home’s exterior. It should fit in with your house and add value to the property. 

A modern house with sharp edges would look great next to a rectangular pool. Kidney-shaped pools add value to classical architecture and can take the look of the property to another level. By making the right choice, you can invest in your real estate and enjoy it at the same time.

  • Do You Need Accessories?

Did you plan on adding any features to the swimming pool? If you just want a place you can swim in and burn off some calories, you’re good to go with a regular pool. However, there are options if you want some extra content.

Slides, benches, and fountains can all look attractive if they are planned for on time and properly placed. And you probably never heard anybody complaining about having a hot tub. So, what did you have in mind? Plan ahead and see what features would you like in your yard.

  • If It Fits Your Budget

No matter what type of swimming pool shape you pick, you will have to fit it into your budget. Going for a bigger size, experimenting with the shape, and including features can add up to quite a sum. It’s easy to get lost in the opportunities to improvise and forget about your finances. So, think about your budget and pick a pool you can actually afford.

The Most Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

Rectangular Pools Are Number One

No matter what shows up on the market, rectangular swimming pools are the most popular shape out there. To be fair, a lot of things work in their favor. First of all, their form allows them to fit in almost all back yards. Rectangular pools can vary in length and width, allowing the owner to make a simple shape into something unique.

Their minimalistic appeal allows them to look exceptional with most architectural types. On top of that, you can design them to be practical for most uses. Working out or having fun with kids are both real possibilities if you go for this shape.

Oval Pools – An Elegant Classic

If you already have features in mind, some trees nearby, or a complete garden planned out, adding an oval pool would be the best choice. They look amazing surrounded by well-groomed nature and elegant exteriors.

Pairing them with a historical home just seems like the right choice. So if you have one, give it a shot!

Kidney Pools Are Popular and Hydrodynamic 

Adding a fountain to a kidney pool wouldn’t be a mistake since these freeform pools shaped like a bean not only look good but help with water circulation. Their popularity has been growing in the past years, and we can see why.

They look a bit freeform and can add some dynamic to any yard. See why people like them and go for a kidney-shaped pool.

L-Shaped Pools – Modern and Functional

People usually choose L-shaped pools for one of two reasons. They either have an unorthodoxly shaped yard or want a modern solution for their swimming area.

Whichever reason you have, an L-shaped pool is a decent choice. These pools consist of a rectangular pool with a side section, usually designed as a lounge area. It isn’t uncommon for architects to put a hot tub in the side section.

If your yard can fit one, install an L-shaped pool.

Freeform Pools Allow You to Improvise

Backyard Design With Freeform Pool, Kitchen, Gazebo

The name says it all. With freeform pools, you get to choose what the finished product looks like. Length, depth, accessories, it’s all up to you. Design what you believe will fit your property best and enjoy!

You can mix and match with oval and circular pools, or go for a multi-sided geometrical pool. See what you can think of, maybe you are the only architect you need to design the perfect pool for yourself.

Let Us Help You

If you need any help from professionals who can assess what pool shape would best complement your property, give us a call. Florida Pool Patio can assist you with any pool and spa needs you may have, from construction to remodeling and repair.