People focus on various things when designing a new or renovating an old pool. Some will focus on the design and the size, while others will only consider the additional features they can install.  And one of the most popular features nowadays is underwater speakers. High-performance audio has become a necessity for not only audiophiles but everyone. Sound systems have evolved into standard features of luxury pools, like waterslides and sunbathing ledges. 

If you are considering installing underwater pool speakers but need help finding the best information, you are at the right place. We are a company that deals with swimming pool and spa construction in Miami and specialize in installing pool speakers, and we can answer all your questions.

Keep reading to learn how to have the best sound experience while chilling in your swimming pool and listening to your favorite tracks.

What Are Underwater Pool Speakers?

If you want to listen to good music while swimming in your pool, you need something specific. These waterproof speakers are made expressly to function underwater, enabling swimmers to enjoy music while swimming. They are often installed on a pool wall and linked with an above-ground sound system.

How Do Underwater Speakers for Pools Work

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These speakers work on the same principles as regular speakers, vibrating and pushing air to produce sound waves that eventually reach your ear. However, they move sound waves through the water instead the air.

Underwater pool speakers require significantly more energy to generate sound waves than surface speakers because water is thicker than air. Something can vibrate relatively quickly in the air, whereas it is more challenging to do so in water.

But the bases of how speakers are made for underwater function are the same as those of regular ones.

Installing Pool Speakers

You wouldn’t believe how simple and easy it is to install a speaker made to work underwater, especially if you employ a pro. Before starting the installation process, you should consider a few different things.

You must put at least one speaker within your pool to take advantage of this wonderful function and enjoy the music even when submerged. One speaker will only be adequate if the pool is smaller; additional speakers should be placed if you have a bigger pool.

It is also crucial to consider where you will locate your speakers if you invest in underwater speakers to make the most of your money and ensure they sound nice when installed.

The proper height from the top of the pool, the amount of immersion, the length from the bottom, and the appropriate range from other underwater pool speakers must be considered when positioning your speakers underwater to achieve the finest sound.

It would be best to link speakers outside to those inside the pool to create a pool audio system for the best experience. It will give you fantastic sound both in the water and on land.

The speakers can be installed the same way as lights in a pool, and you can even swap out the light fixture with an underwater speaker. You can easily add them to an existing pool by switching out one or two light fixtures for speakers.

Since you can tinker with the design and choose where you want the speakers and lights to go, it’s even simpler if you are designing and creating a new pool in your backyard.

Hearing the Sound Underwater

There’s one question that gets on the mind of many, and it’s, can you hear the music underwater? And the simple answer is yes. But it’s not that straightforward. 

Have you ever had the opportunity to hear noises beneath the water? As sound travels through the water far more quickly than it does through air, it is truly a unique sensation. Anyone that has a chance must install underwater speakers since listening to music while submerged is impressive.

When you dive, listening to your favorite music through these speakers is far preferable to listening to it through outdoor speakers. Bass-heavy songs can sound amazing when you hear them through a speaker under the water since bass frequencies resonate nicely with water.

There’s one downside, however. You cannot detect high frequencies as well underwater as you can above it due to how sound travels through water. Songs featuring a lot of high-frequency sounds may not have a clear final result.

Are Underwater Speakers for Pools Safe?

It’s normal to get anxious about underwater pool speakers, as they need to go into the water. And just by saying that, it doesn’t feel right. We know it feels wrong to put something with a lot of electrical parts in water. But we can also assure you that it is entirely safe. After all, safety is the top priority with every pool installation.

Underwater speakers from a reputable manufacturer will be built with safety in mind. Another thing that ensures safety is proper installation. And to enable safety, you need to hire a team of professionals to do the job. Otherwise, you risk a severe hazard if you, without experience, try to install them yourself.

Are There Downsides to Pool Speakers?

Underwater speakers are fantastic, but they aren’t perfect. They have some downsides, but nothing too serious or something that will make you change your mind about getting them. 

As we already mentioned, you cannot discern high frequencies as clearly underwater as you can above due to how sound travels through water. So, you won’t perfectly hear songs with high-frequencies, as you would on regular speakers. 

Another thing can be a problem if you already have a pool. Installing underwater speakers is a piece of cake if you are building a pool from scratch. However, if you already have a pool, it can be challenging to install the speakers.

And finally, they are not the most affordable pool feature, and the expenses can quickly pile up. But you should take the opportunity if you can afford it.

Final Words

As technology advances and becomes more widely available, these speakers will become more common in both public and private swimming pools. It may not be easy to imagine, but listening to music while submerged in water can become a regular thing. 

For the optimal user experience, you must carefully consider how and where to position the speakers that go underwater. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations to safely and correctly utilize your speakers. 

Never forget that you should consult with professionals and hire an experienced crew for jobs like this. If you are not a professional with experience installing these kinds of speakers, you shouldn’t do it yourself, even if it seems like an exciting project.

And if you need help with that, you can always contact us at Florida Pool Patio. Our experience and expertise will ensure we make your dreams come to life.