When planning and installing your pool, you need to consider many details: the materials, pool finishes, pool plaster colors, the design, and many more. And there’s always something that gets forgotten along the way. And if that happens, you may end up with something far from an aesthetic pool. 

Believe it or not, people often don’t think about pool colors and end up with a dull-looking swimming pool. But there are many ways you can make your swimming pool look more than just essential by picking a fabulous color for it. 

This article is for all of you looking for swimming pool installation in Miami. Stick along to find out the best pool color ideas. And if you don’t know how it can be achieved, we will discuss pool finishes in this article.

Stunning Pool Finishes

You can’t have an aesthetic pool if you don’t put much effort into it. But if you don’t have time or the will to do it, it’s always easier to find professional help. So, here are some ideas by our design team on how you can go from a dull pool to one that looks incredible. 

  • Aquamarine
  • Sand Tan
  • Grey
  • Graphite Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Green


If you want to achieve a perfect pool atmosphere and feel like you are swimming in an ocean all day long, you can do it if you decide on pool finishes that are some shade of blue. And aquamarine is the perfect shade, as it’s such a soft color. It will bring you joy and that classical feel, but it won’t look boring. 

Sand Tan

For everyone that likes to switch things up from time to time, sand-looking pool finishes that are light and tan are a perfect solution. Tan pool plaster colors are not typical, and you may not see many of them frequently. But if you are brave enough and open-minded, you can pull off a finish like that. And the best part about it is that most of these pool plaster colors have shimmers, so it looks stunning. Imagine how beautiful your little backyard oasis will look when the sun hits the water; unbelievable. You will feel like you are at a tropical beach, even if you really are in your backyard, far away from any kind of exotic sand.


Tiling Blue and Grey Pool by a Technitian in a Swimming Pool Under Construction

Grey belongs to the group of not-so-typical pool colors, but it’s incredible. This pool color gives you a neat and pristine finish and a place to swim that’s like no other. 

Graphite Black

We are absolutely in love with black bottom pools, and who wouldn’t be when they look like they do? Black bottom pools are the definition of aesthetic pools, and you can’t argue with us on that. This color gives a specific sophisticated look and makes everything look more expensive than it is. It can also have a slight shimmer that will complete the whole look. 

Dark Blue

Dark blue is the perfect combination of something classical and contemporary. It gives a vibe of water, but not the shallows; it reminds you of the deep Blue Ocean. Just like the previous one, this option will provide you with the feeling of black bottom pools, and if you want, it can come with a slight shimmer; because everything looks better when it shines a bit. 


Have you ever thought about green color in pool plaster colors? Well, if you haven’t, we advise you to give it a go. Green can look so gorgeously, and we think that people should start including green in their pools more often. It can bring a note of Mediterranean into your backyard, and it just looks outstanding. 

Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing Your Color

When it comes to choosing the right color from many pool colors, it’s not that easy. You can’t just point your finger at one color and get it done with; there are a few things you should consider. It will be worth it if you put a little more effort into this process. 

  • Budget
  • Size of the Pool
  • The Sun
  • Your Backyard


Modern Villa With Pool and Deck With Interior

When planning anything, the first thing you need to do is plan your budget. If you do it properly, you’ll know exactly how much money you can spend on each thing, which will help you decide. If you have a limited budget, some options will not be available, and it will be even easier to decide on your perfect pool color. 

Size of the Pool

Why is the size of your pool important? Even if you never thought about it, color plays a big part in the overall outcome. It can affect the appearance, the size of the pool, and the general atmosphere. It’s the same when you paint a small room a dark color. Will it look good? Chances are it won’t; it will look gloomy and smaller than it is. But if you paint a bigger room a darker color, it can look outstanding. The same goes for your backyard swimming oasis; you need to consider the size of it before choosing the color. 

The Sun 

What does Sun have to do with the pool plaster colors? Believe it or not, it’s crucial. The sun’s position during different times of the day will affect the appearance of the color. So you should take into account the position of your pool and the Sun during different times of the day. However, if you choose the right shade and finish, your water paradise will look stunning at any given time of day.

Your Backyard

Lastly, you’ll have to consider the landscaping of your yard and how it looks so you can properly incorporate your pool with it. You should look at the color palette of your backyard and, based on that, make your final decision. Everything looks so much nicer when it’s combined well. The black bottom pools look better in contemporary and minimalistic yards. At the same time, the blue shades are perfect for natural surroundings.

Do Pool Colors Affect the Temperature of the Water?

It’s good to know that different colors react differently to sun exposure. Every dark color will absorb the ultraviolet rays, while the lighter colors will reflect them. And that’s important to know, as it will affect the water temperature. 

When your pool is exposed to the sun, the temperature of the water will rise a bit, no matter the color. So, if you want to add a few degrees to that, if you live somewhere where it can get a bit chilly, then darker shades are great for you. While for those living in places where the sun is scorching hot, it’s better to choose a lighter shade. 

Find Professional Help and Advice

We hope we managed to paint a good picture and explain well enough about this topic and how essential it is. Another vital thing to do is to find a professional company that will help you with everything regardless of your swimming pool. A company like that will listen to your needs and offer you the best solution. It’s always easier if you work with someone with years of experience and abundantly satisfied clients. 

Florida Pool Patio Services is the company you are looking for. We have a group of trained and licensed professionals that can make your wildest dreams come true regarding swimming pool design and installation. So don’t hesitate to call us and book your consultation.