Every pool owner should strive to have a pristine-looking pool. And it’s not only because of the aesthetic but also something vital, primarily because of safety and hygiene reasons. A dirty pool is no better than not owning one. So, this is your little reminder to start correctly looking after your backyard oasis and learn a few new things about pool maintenance.

If you are looking for pool maintenance service in Miami and want to learn more about achieving the cleanest water, you are at the right place.

We want to discuss pool maintenance and cleaning all the nasty stuff that keeps appearing. You don’t want to see any things in your water, and soap bubbles in the pool are one of those. So, if you have problems with pool foam and don’t know how to get rid of it, keep reading this article.

We will touch on different topics about pool maintenance, but we’ll mostly talk about that annoying foaming pool water. Many things can help you to avoid it from appearing or clear out the water once it’s already there, so be sure to stay until the end and read about defoamers for the pool and all the tricks you can use in a situation like this. 

What is Pool Foam?

Bubbles occurring in your pool are normal if you have frequently running jets. If you have bubbles over the pool, you shouldn’t worry about it. But you should look closely at those bubbles over your pool, as they can worsen. 

Once those bubbles start forming and you end up with foaming pool water, it’s a problem. If you have a layer of foam in the pool, you need to do something about it, and you shouldn’t ignore it. 

You should know that bubbles over the pool are formed out of the air; however, pool foam is formed out of the air and some impurities. 

With the bubbles, it’s easy to pop them, and they quickly disappear, while foam in the pool is a bit more difficult to pop, and it will stay on the surface longer. 

Many things can cause foam in your pool, and later on, we will talk about them all and teach you how to get rid of each cause individually.

Getting Rid of Foaming Pool Water

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As we mentioned previously, many things can cause foam in your pool. It can be due to low calcium levels, chemical imbalance, or some contamination from organic matter. 

And depending on what’s causing you trouble, you can do several things to fix your problem. In most cases, the easiest way to get it all done is to shock your pool. However, that’s not always going to work, so sometimes you’ll need to buy some products and new chemicals to bring everything back in balance. 

Foam in Pool – Causes

Even if you do everything right and your pool maintenance is on point, there’s a chance foaming pool water will appear. And if it does, you can quickly get rid of it if you follow our advice. 

We will now start by explaining the different causes of foaming pool water. 

Various Chemical Issues

If you want your pool to look perfect and the water to be pristinely clean, you need to keep your pool chemical in balance. It can happen for numerous reasons, and it’s your fault. 

However, you can be responsible for the chemical imbalance of the water if you have been using chemicals that are not right, you’ve been adding too little or too much, or you’ve been using low-quality ones. 

You first need to check every chemical you’ve been using and be honest with yourself if you’ve been using something that’s not meant for pool use. Once you figure that out, you should get rid of everything wrong and buy something more suitable. 

You should also check the water’s total chlorine, bromine, alkalinity levels, pH, total hardness, and cyanuric acid. 

Once you test the water with the test method of your choice, you should first balance the alkalinity level, pH, and calcium hardness. You’ll also need to balance out the sanitizer level and to do it, you should follow the instructions on the sanitizer you have. 

You shouldn’t expect the foam in your pool to magically disappear; you’ll need to wait a few hours. After some time, you should have a clean pool, if there’s still pool foam, this method is not enough, and you’ll need to shock your pool. 

And to not end up in a situation like this, you should test the water as frequently as possible and keep everything in balance. It will also help if you choose professional chemicals that are well known and quality made. 

Contaminating Pool with Toiletries

Every one of us uses different kinds of cosmetics; some use more, while others use only a few; but no matter, those things can easily contaminate your pool water. 

The things that can affect water are the ones we use daily, like deodorant, makeup, lotions, perfumes, shampoos, and conditioners for hair. The residue left after applying these products can easily pollute the water and cause foaming pool water. Something that can also cause problems are hair gels and various types of hairsprays. Besides that, today, many people are using self-tanning lotions and products that can be deadly to your pool and be the reason you keep seeing foam in your pool. 

The best way to prevent this is not to use those products, as that’s almost impossible, but there’s a solution. It would help if you took a shower before you go for a dip. And if it happens, the best way to clean it is to shock the pool with a chlorine shock. 

Also, you must remember that you’ll want to rinse your hair before getting in the pool, mainly if you use many hair products. And if you are not in the mood for doing that or wetting your hair, you can always use a swimming cap.  

It’s also essential to make it a rule to shower and rinse the hair before entering the pool and make it a rule that everyone will follow. That means you’ll need to remind your friends and family that are visiting you that they’ll have to take a shower if they plan on using the pool. The cool thing is to make a sign and place it somewhere in your backyard, so you don’t get tired of repeating yourself. 

Remember that more people using your pool require more frequent pool maintenance. But if those people are following some simple rules, the pool maintenance won’t be that frequent, and it won’t cause you trouble. Showering will also exclude sweat from getting mixed with water, which can also lead to pool foam, believe it or not. And now, think about those hot summer days where everybody is sweating; imagine what happens when sweat and water combine. Nothing good, so it’s always best to shower quickly and then take a dip. 

Foaming Pool Water Caused by Detergents

Nowadays, we use detergents for everything, both on our skin, dishes, toys, and our clothes. And just like with hair, skin, and various cosmetic products, detergents can stay on your things and cause soap bubbles in the pool if you take them with you in the water. 

If you often bring toys into the pool and you have a habit of cleaning them with soap, that could be why you keep having bubbles all over the pool. There will always be a coating and a residue of the soap on anything you use it on, and if it ends up in the water, it can become an annoying issue. 

The same goes for your clothes, in this case, bathing suits, as they all collect a small amount of detergent, fabric softener, and even chemicals from dryer sheets. And once you get in the water, you know what can happen. Also, if you didn’t know, the residue from these products stuck on every piece of clothing you own can get on your skin and again make soap bubbles in the pool. 

If this is why bubbles over your pool appear, the only reasonable solution is to shock the pool. And a way to prevent it is again, showering before. Another thing you can do is try using more ecological products with as few chemicals as possible and only a few ingredients. It’s always good to choose products that don’t have any fragrances in them. 

You can also exclude fabric softener from your routine and use white vinegar instead. And instead of dryer sheets, a better option is wool dryer balls.


Yes, we know algaecide is a chemical made to help you get rid of some nasty things that can grow in your pool and use it for regular maintenance. However, it can also be why you keep seeing soap bubbles in the pool. 

You must use chemicals made for pool maintenance correctly as the instructions dictate and in the correct amounts. You should always read the instructions twice before doing anything and be sure you understand them. Once you understand the instructions, you need to measure. Also, always measure twice because if you don’t do it right, you can end numerous disasters. And one of the disasters that you can experience is soap bubbles in the pool. 

There are many chemicals that you can use in the wrong way, but the most common one that will result in pool foam is algaecide. But if this happens to you, there’s no need to worry because it’s something you can quickly fix. It’s even more accessible than the others we mentioned in this article. In most cases, you only need to wait for some time, and everything will be okay, and the foam will disappear. You should know that it won’t disappear in a few minutes or hours; in most cases, we are talking about a few days. And if you want to speed the process up, you can skim the foam from the water surface. 

To prevent something like this from happening, you should always read the instructions carefully, but also, when it comes to algaecide, you shouldn’t use it unless you have algae in your pool. It would help if you never used it as a preventative method, as it can do more damage than good. 

Calcium Hardness on Low Level

There are many things you need to keep track of when it comes to keeping the pool water crystal clear, and one of those things is calcium hardness level. 

If your calcium level is low, it’s not a good thing, and it can easily lead to foaming pool water in no time. And it’s all because the water becomes too soft. 

This problem can be solved in two straightforward ways: adding a calcium hardness increaser by closely following the instructions. Or you can add calcium chloride to the water, also making sure you follow the instructions from the manufacturer. 

But it’s always best to prevent something like this from happening, and you can do it if you keep everything in balance. And for that to be manageable, you need to check the calcium hardness levels frequently and never allow them to drop below a recommended level. 

It’s also good to mention that you shouldn’t buy a cheap chemical just to save a few bucks. It’s always good when you can save a bit, but products used for pool maintenance are essential, and you need them to be good if you don’t want to have problems.

Are There Any Fast Solutions?

Hotel Staff Worker Cleaning the Pool.

Every one of us looks for fast solutions to solve our problems when there’s an inconvenience. However, sometimes you can’t solve issues as fast as we want them to be solved. When it comes to foaming pool water, the crucial thing you need to remember is to be patient. 

When it comes to shocking your pool and changing chemicals, you can’t expect to jump right away in the water, so be ready to wait a bit. And you should also know that you can wait even a few days if algaecide is why you have bubbles all over your pool. 

But, if you want an instant solution, you can always buy a defoamer for the pool to solve your problem and quickly destroy those soap bubbles. A defoamer can be your best friend in a situation when you need to get rid of bubbles rapidly, and we recommend you use it. 

Final Words

If your first reaction when bubbles or any other unfamiliar matter appears in your pool is to panic, it’s normal. Many people don’t know what to do in these situations, and frequently, they panic and even try to fix the problem but only end up making it worse. 

So, if anything similar to what was mentioned above happens to you, you should first stop panicking. There’s no need for that because every problem has its solution, and you should remember that if you don’t know something, you can always find help from someone with more experience than you. 

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