Hey, we know what you’re going through. Believe us. It’s not easy getting used to the new state of things. And one of the most difficult things to get used to is not going to the beach like you once did. 

But don’t despair, we may have an even better alternative for you – your very own backyard pool. Now, you probably have your objections all lined up, but once you take a look at the inground pool ideas in this post, you may just change your mind. 

The Pool Versus Beach Debate

If you’re a die-hard beach lover, there’s probably not much that will change your mind about the beach being superior to a pool. However, maybe there are some things you’re overlooking. And one of those things is the atmosphere you can achieve with the right pool. 

Sure, the beach has a lot more room. But you also have to deal with all the other beachgoers, and we don’t need to tell you how frustrating that can be. 

On the other hand, an intimate backyard pool can be the perfect stage for entertaining a group of friends in your home’s comfort and safety. With the right backyard features to complement your pool, you can go from enjoying a good book while soaking up the sun to a full-blown afternoon party in the blink of an eye. 

And you can’t beat a pool on overall convenience. Ask yourself this: how long would it take you to get to the nearest beach, and what would you need to prepare? Now compare that to simply walking into your backyard and taking a plunge in beautiful cool water. There’s really no contest. 

The Pool Versus Beach Debate

Pool Designs For Every Backyard

If you’re ready to trade in the pool for the beach after reading the previous section, we’re here to get you started off right. We’ve all sorts of pools in all sorts of homes, and we believe there’s a pool for every yard. Take a look at some of these amazing pool designs, and you’ll surely find one that captures your eye. 

  1. Saltwater Pools

Missing the beach? Why not bring the beach to your backyard?

A saltwater pool, fittingly, uses salinated water instead of flat water and has several advantages over traditional pools. Saltwater pools use much less chlorine for starters, making the water more gentle on your skin and eyes. Moreover, you won’t have to store dangerous chemicals on your property. 

Saltwater pools even require less maintenance. Instead of adding chlorine to a saltwater pool, you add salt. Once added, a chlorine generator uses the salt in the water to make chlorine as needed, so you don’t have to worry about getting the levels right. 

  1. Lap Pools

Another element of your life you might be missing is your fitness center. Well, you can bring the fitness training to your backyard with a lap pool. Swimming is one of the most complete forms of exercise and a lap pool allows you to enjoy a swim whenever you need it. 

But lap pools aren’t only for swimming. If you have a narrow property lot, a lap pool is an excellent way to highlight the space and makes for an ideal focal point. Plus, there’s no reason why a lap pool should be restricted to a boring narrow rectangle. If you have the required length to swim comfortably, you can add other features and play with the shape as you see fit. 

And you can combine many of the designs on this list with a lap pool to make a truly unique backyard water feature. You can even use a saltwater lap pool to make your swimming more comfortable by increasing flotation. 

  1. Infinity Edge Pool

Another great option to combine with a lap pool. Infinity edge pools feature one side without an edge and look like they disappear into the horizon. They’re also called knife-edge pools and perimeter overflow pools. The water in the pool flows freely over the knife edge and falls into a catch basin. 

The best place to use infinity pools is on properties with a beautiful view. With no coping or edge to block the sights, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape without any obstacles. The main benefit of this swimming pool style is the visual spectacle of a pool with no visible edge. If you really want to add that “wow” factor to your yard, this is the design you want. 

  1. Plunge Pools

This is one of the lesser-known pool designs, but it’s gaining popularity rather quickly. It’s a massive hit for people who just like a quick dip in a pool but don’t have all that much property to install it. 

A plunge pool is typically small and deep. It’s similar in size to a hot tub or spa but allows full immersion. It’s perfect for those scorching Florida summers when you’d give anything just to get your body in some cool water. Plunge pools aren’t designed for swimming, but rather wading and doing minor pool exercises. 

In addition to providing a great place to cool off quickly, a plunge pool can be a superb centerpiece for a modest backyard. It’s also affordable and doesn’t require much maintenance. 

  1. Indoor Pools

We’ve arrived at the ideal alternative to the beach if you’re frustrated by the crowds and occasional bad weather. An indoor pool is a solution to all your beachgoing woes wrapped up in a tidy and accessible package. 

Would you like to go for a swim at 3 a.m. or while it’s raining outside? You can do that with an indoor pool. Or, how about a pool all to yourself away from all prying eyes? Again, an indoor pool has you covered. 

Indoor pools are a perennial favorite for a number of reasons. They’re private, easy to clean since they don’t collect leaves and debris, temperature-controlled, and offer many other advantages. 

Of course, the one big drawback is the cost of indoor pools. As an addition to your home’s structure, an indoor pool will typically require a significantly larger investment than a traditional backyard pool. 

Indoor Pools

  1. Natural Rockpools

If you’re a fan of your backyard’s natural landscaping and are worried a pool will ruin is, stop worrying. The solution is a natural rockpool that matches your yard. Natural pools offer all the benefits of a swimming pool and can be made in just about any shape you desire. 

However, you’ll also have a completely custom pool that’s unique to your yard, and lets you retain the feel of the outdoors. They’re surprisingly versatile and feature design options that complement any backyard. 

All the Fun of the Beach in the Comfort of Your Backyard

Hopefully, one of the designs above was what you were looking for to install on your property. If none of them suit your fancy, give us a call! We’ll work with you to find the right design for your home, and we’ll give you a free estimate on the spot. 

Since we’re such pool fans, we’re dying to know. What would it take for you to choose a pool over the beach? Let us know in the comments below.