You love your outdoor kitchen, and your friends do as well. 

And why not? It’s the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather while entertaining a group of people. Moreover, it’s a great addition to your home that provides real value. But, as nice as it is, there’s something missing. 

To get the most out of your outdoor kitchen, you’ll need a backyard with a little life in it. And there’s no better way to add vitality to a backyard than a pool. The only question that remains is what kind of pool best jives with your kitchen and we’re here to help you answer it.

Benefits of a Pool and Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

A pool is an excellent way to increase your home’s appeal and has a host of other benefits as well. That much is clear. However, having a pool and outdoor kitchen area is a value double whammy, and here’s why.

  1. Keep the Party Going

When you have a pool to relax in, the fun never stops. You and your guests can easily transition from eating to relaxing in the pool and vice versa. There’s no need to worry about getting your indoor area wet and changing out of your swimsuit. Your indoor and outdoor areas are combined into a single entertainment hub when you have a pool to complement your outdoor kitchen. 

  1. The Messes Aren’t as Messy

Cleaning barbecue sauce from your tiles and kitchen appliances can quickly ruin the vibe of your afternoon pool party. But with a poolside kitchen, spills and messes are a breeze to clean. A quick rinse with the hose is all it takes, and you can get back to the fun and relaxation. 

  1. Cut Down on Costs Everywhere

An outdoor kitchen with a pool to encourage people to use it is a godsend for penny pinchers. For starters, you’ll eat out a lot less when you have a beautiful and inviting outdoor kitchen and pool area to prepare and enjoy your meals.

Additionally, an indoor kitchen generates a lot of heat when you use it. All that heat will be a major drain on your air conditioning use and, consequently, your utility bill. 

Benefits of a Pool and Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

Outdoor Kitchen Pool Designs in Miami

The advantages of having a pool to complement your outdoor kitchen are pretty clear. Now, let’s take a look at some pool designs and how they’d work for you. The goal is to do justice to both your backyard and your outdoor kitchen while staying within your budget. 

An Infinity Pool 

As the line goes: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. The best way to take advantage of a backyard with an amazing view is with an infinity pool that’s open on one side. 

Infinity pools are always custom-built for your home. You’ll be able to decide exactly how you want it to blend in with your outdoor kitchen and it adds a degree of elegance without being too extravagant. 

If you’re in the right area of Miami-Dade, an infinity pool is the best complement for both your outdoor kitchen and your home as a whole.

The Natural Look

What better way to embrace the natural beauty of your backyard than with a pool that emphasizes it? The natural pool look fits really well with outdoor kitchens that mostly use natural materials such as stone masonry and granite countertops. 

Try to choose a free-flowing shape for your pool that doesn’t clash with the natural elements of your yard and kitchen. In addition to melding better with the natural look, a freeform pool shape gives you a lot of flexibility about how you’ll design your outdoor area to fit your kitchen. 

As far as features go, rock waterfalls do a good job of eliciting a natural feel. Consider using stone planters to highlight a few palms or saw palmettos to really go for a pool with outdoor kitchen Miami style. 

Festive and Tropical

Florida is one of the most beautiful places on earth, not just for its natural splendor but its overall tropical paradise feel. Why not lean into that and bring the tropical paradise right into your backyard?

A kidney-shaped pool with a swim-up bar is one of the best ways to evoke the island escapism we all know and love in Florida. Finish off the tropical look with plenty of palm trees and tiki torches. And if you really want to wow your guests, set the mood with in-pool lighting for those evening poolside gatherings. 

If you want to go for a tropical look, minor design decisions around the pool and outdoor area will be your greatest ally. Things like tile accents and a fire pit go a long way toward completing the authentic island look. 

Contemporary Beauty

If you have an outdoor kitchen already in place, you’ll want to let the design of the kitchen dictate the pool. And most outdoor kitchens tend to have sleek stainless steel and clean lines. Rather than fight that aesthetic, complement it with an equally modern-looking and contemporary pool. 

Rectangular pools have a reputation for being a little less than exciting. However, there’s likely a lot of variation you’re not considering. How long the pool is, how wide, and how it’s positioned in your backyard can have surprising effects on its appearance.  

An experienced pool installer can walk you through all the options and how to bring out the best features of your backyard. In addition, there’s no reason to restrain yourself to a single rectangle. A little variety with multiple, box-like shapes could be just the ticket. 

Contemporary Beauty

A Spool to Fit Any Backyard

Maybe you have a ton of great pool kitchen ideas just waiting to be realized. And the only thing stopping you is a cramped backyard. Well, not anymore. A spool is the solution to your problems, and they’re becoming more popular by the day. 

A spool is a cross between a spa and a pool. They have many of the same advantages of both types of water features rolled up into an economical and space-saving package. If you decide to install a custom-built spool, you have numerous options for the decor since they don’t dominate a backyard space as a pool would. You can match the style of your outdoor kitchen or even go for a completely different feel if you want to separate the kitchen and pool areas. 

Your Outdoor Kitchen, Your Way

As you can see, there are many good options to complement your outdoor kitchen with a pool. If you’ve got an amazing view, go all out and highlight it with an infinity pool or a natural stone pool with all the right features. And if you want something more subdued, you can opt for a spool or a simple and elegant rectangular pool. 

Whatever you end up choosing, we’re here to help you get it installed quickly and according to your specifications. Call us at Florida Pool and Patio today for an estimate!

If you have an outdoor kitchen or you’re planning to install one, we’d love to hear from you. Comment below to let us know what kind of kitchen you have and which one of the pool types you think would go best with it. Do you prefer a more traditional look with a natural pool, or something more modern and contemporary?