There comes a time in every pool’s life when it needs to be spruced up a bit. It’s part and parcel of pool ownership, and it’s not something you should put off. In fact, waiting too long to renovate your pool could make the cost much higher when you finally decide to do it. 

Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that your pool is due for some TLC. Keep reading to find out what those are, along with some ideas to make your next pool renovation a smashing success. 

Signs It’s Time for a Swimming Pool Renovation

Fortunately, Florida weather allows pool renovations to be done year-round, so you won’t have to worry about the right time of year to start. You only need to decide when it’s most convenient for you, and whether your pool is ready for a renovation. 

Here are a few of the criteria you can use to decide if you should renovate your pool. 

  1. There Are Obvious Cracks or Damage to the Plaster

If you have a concrete pool, it likely has a plaster layer to protect the concrete from moisture damage. That plaster isn’t meant to last forever, and several factors impact its longevity, such as water pH balance, sun exposure, and others. If you start to notice cracks, pitting, or worn patches on the plaster, it’s probably time to think about a renovation. 

However, plaster deterioration is relatively predictable under normal circumstances. If you’re replastering after only a year or two, there are probably other issues you need to address as well. Once the pool is renovated and replastered, you should consult a pool installation technician to find out what’s affecting your plaster layer. 

  1. The Tap Test

A simple test to see if your coping and tile is due for a renovation is the tap test. Even professionals use it as a matter of course when assessing pools. The tap test consists of using a rawhide mallet or the wooden handle of a hammer to tap around your pool’s coping and tile. If you hear any hollow sounds from the tapping, it means the tile is unsecured. As the grout deteriorates, these hollow tiles will dislodge. 

This problem is not typical when a pool is correctly installed. But over time, even the best installation will start to show signs of wear. 

  1. Your Pool Needs Aren’t What They Once Were

Back when you installed your pool, you probably had some expectations about how big it should be and what you’d do in it. But times change, and you may find you don’t need or want a pool quite as large or in that shape. Conversely, maybe your pool is too small to accommodate your growing family. Perhaps you inherited it from the previous owner, and you were never happy with it from the start. 

Whatever the case may be, your evolving needs are an excellent indication that your pool is ripe for renovation. If your pool starts to show signs of age, and you’re ready for something a little different, even better. You can kill two birds with one stone. 

  1. Your Utility Bills Are Growing

If your utility bills are a little higher every month, and you can’t figure out why, it may very well be your pool’s energy usage. As your pool equipment starts to show its age, it becomes less efficient and makes a more significant dent on your power bill. Even well-maintained pumps and filtration systems need replacing eventually. 

Moreover, few people really think about their pool equipment if it’s still in working order. That means you could have quite outdated equipment that could stand to be upgraded. Upgrading your equipment could unlock your pool’s potential to receive all sorts of modern features, such as LED lighting, water jets, and other glitzy enhancements. And newer pumps and heaters are much more energy-efficient, as well. 

  1. Your Decking Is in Bad Shape

It’s not uncommon for decking to start to warp and crack when installed improperly. Additionally, other factors can contribute to this damage, such as erosion from rainwater or poor backfilling. If your deck shows signs of disruption, you shouldn’t wait to renovate it. 

However, you should note that it’s not only a matter of renovating or repairing the decking. You should aim to remove the root cause of the disruption to prevent it from happening again. Deck renovations can be costly, so you should consult an experienced installer to avoid paying for renovations every few years. 

Your Decking Is in Bad Shape

  1. You’re Ready to Sell Your Home

A swimming pool is one of the best ways to increase your home’s resale value. But a dilapidated and neglected pool is one of the best ways to reduce your home’s value. That’s right, a pool could hurt your asking price if it’s in terrible shape because new owners may see it as an added investment they need to make. 

So, if you’re preparing your home for sale, one of the elements you should focus on is renovating your swimming pool. It doesn’t have to be a full-scale renovation, but even small improvements, such as adding waterline tiles, can have a massive effect on its appeal. 

Pool Renovation Ideas

Deciding to renovate your pool is one thing, but you’ll also need to choose what renovations you want to make. During a renovation is the best time to think about adding features to your swimming pool and backyard. Here are some things you could consider as a part of your renovation. 

  1. Water Features

Things like waterfalls, jets, sprayers, and other water features may add a zero to your renovation budget, but they’re well worth it. They’ll make your pool much more attractive and appealing. 

  1. Salt Water System

Saltwater systems are a growing trend in the Miami swimming pool scene. They use salt water to make chlorine in the pool. That means you don’t have to add chemicals via traditional methods. And, many people claim salt water is better on their skin and eyes than chlorinated pool water. 

  1. Look Into Pool Resurfacing Options

Plaster is not the only option for pool resurfacing. You could switch to a fiberglass pool if you want to fully replace your pool shell. 

Or you could choose from several other options, including aggregate or tile for a resurfacing of your pool’s existing shell. Tile’s longevity far outweighs the increased price compared to plaster, and tile pools tend to be more attractive. 

But, if you want to put off a full renovation for a while, a coat of paint can do the trick. It will mostly hide the damage on your shell surface, but it will give you enough time to decide how you want to proceed with the renovation. 

Look Into Pool Resurfacing Options

Renovate On Your Terms

There’s no exact right or wrong time to renovate your pool. If you’re trying to decide whether to renovate or not, think about your needs and if your current pool is meeting them. If you need a bigger or smaller pool, or if the pool is draining your wallet, renovations are probably in order. 

But if you are still having trouble deciding whether a renovation is the right approach, don’t make the decision alone. Call us today at Florida Pool and Patio, and we’d be happy to send someone to assess your pool and give you a free estimate on a renovation or repairs. 

We’re eager to know what kind of cool features you’d like to add to your pool. What was the best pool you ever saw and why did you like it? Were there any features you found particularly attractive, such as waterfalls or sprayers? Comment below with your answer!