First, remember that your backyard isn’t just about the pool. It’s essential to think about the entire backyard area to create a space that’s a real oasis for you and your family this summer. Choosing the right pool remodeling idea can be tough, but we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed seven pool renovation ideas we believe can add value to your home and give you an amazing result.



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7 Exciting Pool Renovation Ideas You Should Try

1. Make a Splash with Water Features

Adding water features like fountains, sprayers, scuppers, and waterfalls can easily enhance existing pool designs. They bring movement and sound to a boring pool area.

The sound of falling water can boost the ambiance around your pool when you incorporate water features. These features can be integrated into the retaining wall of a pool or a mound made of boulders. Well-designed water features can blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, whether they’re elegant and refined or natural and wild.

2. Fire Pits Are a Great Way to Heat Up Your Home

A fire pit can be a fantastic way to bring warmth and light to your outdoor area. When carefully planned and smoothly blended into your property’s landscape, an outdoor fire pit expands your living space and offers a gathering spot for you and your family.

Stone fire pit features have often been the focal point of many backyards. It’s a lovely way to bring people together and create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. With a fire pit, you can entertain guests and enjoy your outdoor space even into the late fall or early spring.

3. Add Charm to Your Pool Resurfacing

Resurfacing a swimming pool is a wonderful way to restore the beauty of a once-stunning pool.

Resurfacing your in-ground pool not only enhances its appearance but also serves the practical purpose of fixing something that has worn out over time. Upgrading a simple plaster finish on your pool can give it a more modern look. Nowadays, many people opt for aggregate finishes in different colors that include stones, shells, or mosaic tiles.

4. Light Up Your Outdoor Space with Outdoor Lighting

It’s common for beautiful outdoor areas to turn dark once the sun sets. Adding lighting to your outdoor oasis can magically highlight your landscape, stones, and plants, bringing warmth and a new dimension to the space.

Our team of pool designers can create various outdoor lighting designs to accentuate focal points, outdoor access points, and property entrances.

Low-voltage lighting creates a tranquil atmosphere for your landscape. Garden lights are discreetly placed in the ground, near features like plants, trees, and walls. These lights can be angled and concealed to create a stunning, illuminated appearance in your landscape.

5. Add a New Pool Deck or Pavers

Completing your outdoor space with a new pool deck is a great idea.

A pool deck or patio is just as important for your landscape as the pool itself. You might spend more time sunbathing, playing games, and entertaining guests on your deck than in your pool. To complete your landscape, careful planning is crucial.

Pool decking can elevate your pool to a new level. Our clients collaborate with us to design a space that’s inviting and enjoyable for their families.

With our combined experience of over 25 years in pool design and remodeling in Miami, we can create beautiful pool decks using any of the following materials:

  • Stone pavers
  • Tiles
  • Wood decking
  • Poured concrete

6. Improve Your Outdoor Living Space with a Patio or Pergola

A well-designed outdoor space can make a big difference. Having a patio means more time spent outdoors with your family and friends, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Consider adding a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion as alternatives. These additions can increase your home’s value and enhance the overall look of your landscaping design. A covered patio is the perfect spot to entertain or unwind at home.

7. Upgrade Your Oasis with Integrated Landscaping

Upgrade your landscaping to enhance air quality and keep your backyard cool.

Stone fire pits provide a wonderful space to entertain friends or unwind by your swimming pool. We’ll create a layout that suits your lifestyle and home perfectly.

There are numerous fantastic ideas for a stunning swimming pool renovation. Our team is eager to hear your ideas. Reach out to us and share your pool remodel project with us.


Benefits of Renovating Existing Swimming Pools

Renovating an existing pool offers several benefits:

  1. Improved Pool Equipment: By replacing or fixing old filters, pumps, and pipes, you can maintain a cleaner pool.
  2. Energy Savings: Installing automatic control systems, chlor generators, heat pumps, and variable speed pumps helps save energy.
  3. Enhanced Surfaces: Upgrade with attractive options like new waterline tiles, natural stone decking designs, mosaic designs, and aggregate interior finishes to replace cracked or broken surfaces.
  4. Aesthetic Enhancements: LED lighting and laminars create stunning visual effects, enhancing the pool’s appearance.
  5. Safety Upgrades: Updating fencing, rails, and ladders ensures compliance with modern safety standards.
  6. New Design Options: Transform a dull pool into a lush oasis with hidden caves and tanning ledges, offering new design possibilities.


Ways to Include Rock Features

Natural stone can add an elegant touch to any pool design. Concrete can’t match the warmth and luxury of natural stone.

  • Columns and Walls: Thinly cut granite, flagstone, or limestone slabs add a beautiful finish to elevated columns and walls, becoming focal points in modern architectural settings.
  • Waterfalls: These waterfalls resemble those found in South American rainforests.
  • Custom Features: Concrete can be poured into custom-built frames to create natural rock features, including flumes made of hollowed-out logs carved into slides of varying lengths, grottoes resembling hidden caves, secret tunnels, and swim-up bars.
  • Decks: Adding flagstone, quartzite, or granite tiles to the coping or entire pool deck adds visual interest with patterns and earth-tone colors, contrasting beautifully with the cool, sparkling turquoise pool water.


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