Are you looking for a unique and fabulous feature for your swimming pool? There are many fantastic ways you can upgrade and elevate it. You can easily make your pool area look stunning and unique, from exciting landscaping ideas to attractive amenities.

But there is something that can make a pool even more exciting, and a place where everyone would like to spend their time. Maybe you’ve thought about it before, but you didn’t know if it was possible to do it in your home pool. And we are here to tell you that it is; you can easily install underwater speakers. However, you’ll want to find professional speaker installation services if you want it to be done correctly. 

Installing an Underwater Speaker

Believe it or not, installing an underwater speaker isn’t something unusual or challenging to do, especially if you hire a professional. Yet, you should consider a few more things before the installation process. 

If you want to enjoy a fantastic feature and hear the music even when under the water, you’ll need to install at least one speaker inside your pool. If the swimming pool is extra-large, one underwater speaker won’t be enough, so more should be installed. 

For a perfect experience, you’ll also want to have speakers outside connected to the ones inside the pool, creating a pool speaker system. It will provide you with incredible sound both in water and outside of it. 

Are Underwater Speakers Safe?

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Yes, they are safe. You shouldn’t worry about it because the speakers must be installed inside a stainless steel niche and have a grill from the same material. It ensures that any stray voltage is controlled and the swimmers are entirely safe. 

Also, if they are installed by a professional constructor and later wired by an audio professional, you don’t have to worry about anything. But that’s why it’s always important to hire licensed and insured professionals, so you don’t have to worry about your safety later on.

You shouldn’t try to install them by yourself or fix anything.

The Sound Under The Water

Have you had a chance to hear sound under the water before? It is really a unique experience as sound travels a lot faster through water than air. And if you never had a chance to hear it, and you are thinking, is it worth the investment into your pool? It indeed is. Hearing music underwater is fantastic, and anyone with a chance should install pool speakers. 

It’s far better when you hear your favorite music from underwater speakers while diving than when you hear the music from the outdoor speakers. And when you are underwater, you can barely hear anything from the regular speakers. 

But with an audio system like this, the sound is outstanding, and the first time you hear it, you won’t believe your ears. 

How to Install Underwater Speakers

Installing a pool speaker system isn’t difficult at all. It is done in the same way you would install lights in a swimming pool, and you can even change the underwater light fixture for an underwater speaker. However, it has to be done by a professional. 

If you already have a pool and want to add underwater speakers easily, you can do just that. You can change one or two light fixtures for speakers. 

Building a pool from scratch is even easier because you can play with the design and decide where you want the light to be and where you want the speakers. 

And in case you don’t want to change a light fixture for a speaker, and you already have a pool, it’s more challenging to install them. But it’s not impossible.

What to Consider When Installing Pool Speakers

It’s good to know what you want, precisely when building a new pool. That way, you can make the job way easier for the contractors. Deciding where you want your speakers to be before constructing the pool is essential, and depending on the size, you’ll know how many speakers you need to install. 

For a 400 square feet area, one speaker is enough; for double the size, you’ll want to install two speakers. When you have more than one speaker, look for an alternative placing because they shouldn’t be placed directly across from the other. Also, never place a speaker near a waterfall or any other feature that can obstruct the sound. 

After installing them, you should hire an audio professional to take care of wiring, adjusting the audio, and connecting the pool speakers with the outdoor ones. It’s essential if you want to enjoy pleasant music wherever you are.

What Do You Get if You Have a Pool Speaker System

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Many will ask this question, and the reality is that you get a lot with a pool speaker system. If you can’t envision your life without music, and you also love spending your free time in your pool, having a speaker system can be a fine addition to the overall experience. Combining outdoor speakers with underwater ones is a must if you want to listen to your favorite artists no matter whether you’re above- or underwater. Every audiophile falls in love when they hear music under the water. And we bet that you will too if you love your music. 

Even if you are not a vast audiophile, listening to music underwater is for you if you love to enjoy high-quality features in the comfort of your home. Having a pool feature at your pool that you can find in the best resorts worldwide is a fantastic feeling. 

The Downside 

There is a slight downside of a feature like this. It’s the fact that it’s challenging to install the speakers if you already have a pool, and you don’t want to give up on your lighting fixtures. 

And the second downside of them is the price, as they are not the most affordable pool feature. But it’s still worth it, no matter the price. And if you can afford it, you should go for it. 

We Are Here to Help You

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