Have you thought about changing your backyard pool and breathing new life in it? If you have, and you are considering swimming pool remodeling, we’ve got your back. When you are inspired, remodeling your pool isn’t tricky and comes naturally to you. But the first step is to get inspired, and there’s where we come into play. 

We’ve prepared some super exciting pool landscaping ideas that won’t leave you indifferent. Even if you don’t think about changing your backyard pool, you will start thinking after seeing what we prepared for you. 

Keep reading if you are ready to start remodeling your pool area and making it into a paradise. 

Why Should You Remodel Your Backyard Pool Area?

The idea to remodel your pool area has come to your mind, but you are unsure if that is the right decision. 

Sure, it is okay to leave your backyard pool as it is if you are delighted with it. However, if you’re thinking about spicing things up, you know what you should do. If you think the pool area is too ordinary and don’t like spending too much time there, you already know the answer. 

The backyard pool area should be where you like to spend your time—a place where you are eager to come after a long day at work. And a place that ultimately makes you feel relaxed. 

A pool isn’t just a place where you can swim and exercise. It should be a place where you can enjoy your spare time, relax, and have fun with your family and friends. If you can’t relate to these things, it’s time to do something about it. 

That’s why we made a list of exciting ideas to make your backyard landscaping with a pool a lot easier. Soon you’ll know how to transform your plain backyard into a hidden paradise quickly.

  • Add a Cool Deck 

Nothing can elevate a backyard with a pool more than an attractive deck. A good deck can provide more space for outdoor seating and other additions. And if you choose a deck that fits right into your aesthetic, you will easily make over your whole backyard. It’s always good to go with wood decking because it looks sophisticated, and it fits right into any backyard. 

When it comes to decking options, there are many from which you can choose. You can even design your own if you have a specific idea on your mind.

  • Spice Things up With a Jacuzzi


Large Backyard of a Pool Home During the Day

If you always wanted to have a jacuzzi, maybe now’s the time to make that happen. A jacuzzi is always an excellent addition to your pool, and it can easily be installed near you it if you decide to add a deck to your above-ground model. If your pool is in the ground, you can always build an above-ground jacuzzi near it. It’s the best thing when you want to relax after a hard-working day, so why not do it for yourself?

  • Add a Waterfall

Do you want to achieve an exotic look for your backyard, but you don’t know how to do it? Backyard landscaping with a pool is easy if you add a waterfall. But when we say a waterfall, we are not referring to something simple. If you really want to elevate the area you spend your time in; you’ll want to do something extraordinary. A rock waterfall will add a natural tone to your pool, and you’ll feel like you are swimming somewhere in the wild.

  • Create a Comfy Seating Area

If you don’t have a seating area around your pool, now is the time to create one. You shouldn’t run to the porch from your pool or vice versa. A seating area is almost obligatory when thinking about pool landscaping ideas. However, when we are talking about the seating area, we are not talking about placing a few chairs aroundt the backyardl and calling it a day. Many other affordable options can make your place look like an exotic resort. Make a poolside hut with a bamboo roof for a tropical vibe, or add airy curtains for a luxurious feeling.

  • Light Up the Area

Many people only focus on how the pool will look during the day and forget that you can also use it during the night. That’s why many forget that they should invest in lighting. Good lighting can make or break the landscaping, and you should find the right solution for yours. Depending on your likings and the budget, you can add simple lighting fixtures, string lights, and solar lights. Or you can install professional lighting fixtures that will elevate your poolside and make it a luxurious night oasis.

  • Add a firepit 

Nothing says coziness as a firepit that’s placed right beside the pool. Alongside a suitable lighting fixture, it can make your nights in the backyard unforgettable. We think it is one of the excellent pool landscaping ideas, and besides the romantic factor, you can always roast some marshmallows on it.

  • Make a Jungle Out of Your Backyard

The most straightforward pool landscaping idea is to make a jungle out of your backyard. A plain yard with a pool can often look a bit sad. If you have the space, you should use it in the best way. And what’s a better way than planting lush vegetation. There are so many ideas for greenery, and it’s up to you to decorate it as you please. A great way to make everything look stunning is to plant a few palm trees and add lush and rich bushes around the pool. Also, if your backyard is paved, adding patches of grass here and there can make everything look more pleasing.

  • Plant Flowers

Palm trees and bushes are not the only things you can plant – don’t forget about flowers. With them, you’ll add color to the area. But that’s not all, be sure to choose flowers that smell nice when they bloom, and you will instantly give yourself an authentic spa experience. You can plant them into the ground if you can, or you can add flower beds around the pool. One of the best aromatic plants and flowers is lavender, and if you add it to your yard, it will instantly transfer you to Provence. But be free to plant any flower that you like and that you know you’ll enjoy seeing and smelling every day.

If You Need More Ideas

If you are interested to hear about some other landscaping ideas, we will gladly help you. Feel free to contact us at Florida Pool Patio, and we will give you some more exciting ideas on how you can change the surrounding area of your pool. We are proud to say that we have years of experience remodeling pools in the Miami area, and we are here to help you on your next remodeling adventure. Don’t hesitate to call us to schedule a visit.