We crave a way to survive the scorching summer days and a place to plop in and cool off. The easiest way to chill during heat waves is if you have a pool. Many homeowners would like nothing more than to own a pool, but they have limited space, and a regular one might not be an option.

This is why a lot of people opt for a plunge pool. It is a smaller, less expensive option that will satisfy all your needs.

So without further ado, let us dive into all the specifications and swimming pool construction costs.

What Is A Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is a small, usually deep enough pool used for lounging or walking.

It is perfect for people who love to relax in the pool, sip their favorite cocktail or mocktail, and unwind for hours. They are also known as soak pools. 

While more popular in Europe, pools like this have also gained a foothold in the United States over the past couple of years. They are usually up to 22 feet in length and up to 10 feet in width, not going deeper than 7 feet. However, they can be fully customizable. 

They are typically made for leisure. However, you can also use them for exercise, and we will get into details in our next paragraph. 

What Are The Advantages Of A Plunge Pool?

Private Infinity Pool in Luxury Villa at Maldives

Besides the obvious economic advantage, both short and long-term, these pools also have many health benefits. 

Since they are so customizable, you can quite literally add anything you wish to them. Whether you want to build it inside the house or have a small backyard plunge pool is entirely your choice.   

They are usually flat at the bottom, which makes them perfect for standing, and with that said, they are also ideal for water aerobics. Never say never to some aquatic exercise. 

Have you heard of swim jets? Unlike jacuzzi jets, swim jets create a current which helps people swim in place. They can also be heated so that you can use them all year round. The customization enables you to have the perfect hot tub temperature whenever you want. 

What Is The Usual Size Of A Plunge Pool?

It can be between 6 to 10 feet wide and 22 feet long, depending on your space. And these proportions can also vary based on the shape of the pool. Usually, they are rectangular, but you can customize them to your preferences and make them round, L-shaped or half-moon.

The reason behind most of them being rectangular is to maximize the usage of space. However, having a pool in any other shape you desire is also possible. We recommend you consult with your contractor to get the best opinion. 

How Deep Are Plunge Pools?

Unlike regular ones, plunge pools tend to run shallower. This is not only due to their size, but also what they are used for, like sitting or standing. They are usually between 4 to 8 feet in depth. 

They are not made for swimming but can be adapted if needed with the swim jets we mentioned earlier. A good thing to remember is that plunge pools can also be pre-made; if you choose that option, they usually have a depth of 5 feet. 

How Much Would A Plunge Pool Cost?

While we would love to tell you that a plunge pool is much cheaper than a regular-sized pool, the truth is, it depends on your choices. 

As we mentioned, a plunge or a soak pool is customizable. The prices based on size alone can vary between $10.000 and $25.000. However, the cost will still depend on the materials used to build it. 

Even a simple and small backyard plunge pool has to be built in one of 3 ways: concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass shell. If you choose concrete, you will be selecting the highest quality but also the most expensive option, compared to vinyl which would be much cheaper and less sturdy. 

This is why you should consult a reputable contractor who can provide you with an estimate and recommend materials and design. 

Can I DIY A Plunge Pool?

The simple answer would be yes, but at the same time, we wouldn’t recommend it. 

The reason is that many factors have to be considered when doing a DIY plunge pool because it is still a pool. The number one concern is the permits. Depending on your state, you might need a building, plumbing, or electrical permit. Some states require a specific swimming pool permit. If you have all of those under your belt, you can move on to prepping the space, digging, leveling, and many more seemingly complicated processes that you might not even be aware of; however, a contractor does them “behind the scenes.” 

Installing a plunge or a soak pool is tedious, and not many people have the necessary skill set to execute this properly. It takes years of experience and, in many cases, trial and error to get everything just right. 

Although it can be possible to do a DIY plunge pool, it can cost you more if you make a mistake and need to hire someone to fix it or, even worse, tear everything down and start over again. 

Limitations That A Soak Pool Can Have

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Due to its size, fitting a bigger crowd will be impossible, unlike in more vast, traditional pools. The maximum number of people most can hold is 4 to 8, without feeling overcrowded. 

Also, while adults will enjoy a soak pool, kids might not, as it is not practical for jumping inside or playing. Due to how plunge pools are built, a child can get seriously hurt, as they are less deep and usually have edges to sit on. 

Final Thoughts

We hope we have provided you with enough information on what you can expect when it

comes to what is a plunge pool and how it can be unique. They are versatile,

and you can make your oasis outside or indoors. The options are truly endless. 

If you want a place to cool down on your balcony, or perhaps you have envisioned your own Zen garden with a pond-looking oasis where you can completely surrender to your senses and relax, not a problem. Professionals at Florida Pool Patio can help you create heaven in any corner of your home. Our team members have years of experience, and we have numerous satisfied clients enjoying their pools. We will make sure to bring whatever you envision to life, so don’t hesitate to call us today and book your consultation.