To fully enjoy the perks of owning a swimming pool, you must maintain it and take care of its surroundings properly. Besides the regular pool maintenance, you should also take care of your pool deck to ensure you always have a good time and safety for you, your family, and anyone visiting you. 

That’s why replacing your decking is essential if it is worn out and not looking good. And once you decide to do it, you need to decide how everything will look and what material you will use. Sometimes that’s not easy to do because many different materials are available. But, we are here to help you with that, show you the most popular pool coping ideas, and hopefully, make your decision a little bit easier. Also, don’t forget that one of the most important things when doing major remodeling is finding a good pool and spa construction company that will do a proper job. 

So, let’s find you the right match. 

What’s Important When Choosing Pool Coping?

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We want to share excellent pool coping ideas with you, but first, we want to discuss the critical factors you should consider when choosing pool coping. You can find many beautiful and exciting options, but you should always consider the right fit for you and your needs. 

So, here are the critical factors you need to consider when choosing the suitable material for pool coping. 

  • Heat-reflective
  • Not slippery
  • Budget-friendly

Heat Reflective

You use your pool mostly during summer and hot days, aren’t you? That’s why you need to choose some material that won’t be scorching hot after an hour of exposure to the sun. It’s always better to choose something practical than something that’s purely good-looking. You need to buy a heat-reflective material to have your deck cool during even the worst heat. If you do it, you will love it, and you can enjoy your pool and relax. While if you don’t decide on a heat-reflective material, you’ll eventually hate it and won’t want to use your pool. 

Not Slippery

Swimming pools are all about water, and it’s evident that you’ll want to choose a material that’s not slippery. But even if it’s something normal, we need to mention it, as many people quickly forget about this factor. And if you decide on a material that’s slippery when wet, you risk the safety of yourself, your family, and anyone visiting you. 


Even if you don’t have a fixed budget, it’s always good to consider the budget when remodeling like this. It goes the same for cheap stuff; you shouldn’t opt for something only because it’s cheap, as it can become a safety hazard and cost you much more in the end. And when we are talking about this, we want to ensure you know that if a material is expensive, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s the right fit and the best choice for pool coping. 

Different Types of Material You Can Choose From

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Now that you know the fundamental factors you should consider before deciding which material to upgrade your yard, we will discuss the different pool coping ideas and materials you can use. 

Concrete Pool Coping

concrete pool deck is always a good idea, as it is a material that’s easy to work with, affordable, and durable if it is made well. It’s a good idea for you to make your yard look pristine and your pool bigger than it is. If you decide on a poured concrete pool coping technique, you’ll be left with a smooth and clean finish and a lovely new deck.

Another good option is precast concrete; that’s even a cheaper option. If you decide on a precast option, you’ll be able to choose from various colors and shapes and let your creativity flow. And don’t be afraid; you won’t be compromising on the quality.

Whichever technique you pick, concrete pool coping is a good idea for a pool deck and an affordable one as well.


Marble is one of the most durable stones; however, it’s not the most affordable option. It can withstand almost any harsh weather conditions and last many years. And if you think about it, even if it’s a pricy option, you won’t have to spend any money shortly to repair it. If you are not on a budget and would love to have a marble deck, why not.


Another standard option you can use for pool coping is simple pavers. They are also durable and come in many forms and shapes, except they are a bit pricier than precast concrete. However, they are a great option because you can quickly fix a crack by only replacing one damaged piece instead of remodeling the whole deck.


If you are not interested in the previously mentioned materials, maybe a pool coping stone is something you would like. Sandstone is a beautiful material that ages with grace over time and leaves you with a rustic look. One thing you should notice about this option is that you must adequately seal it as it’s highly porous.

But, no matter what, pool coping stone can be a beautiful addition to your backyard and pool if it goes with your aesthetic.

Brick Pool Coping

Brick pool cooping is not the most usual option for pool decks. However, it can make your yard look beautiful and unique. It’s perfect if you want to achieve a rustic look that’s also durable. Another great thing about the brick pool coping is that you can reuse previously used bricks and recycle them. That way, you’ll do a good thing for the environment and give yourself a unique-looking yard.

One thing you should keep in mind is that brick pool coping is not the most accessible material to work with, and it’s not that easy to replace a broken brick like it’s with pavers.

Travertine Pool Coping

One of the best solutions for your deck can be travertine pool coping. It’s one of the best materials if you are looking for a non-slippery solution, and we already talked about how important that is when it comes to safety. It’s also a beautiful material that’s not expensive, so it’s excellent for you if you are on a budget.

With travertine pool coping, you’ll get a beautiful deck that seems more expensive than it is. You can choose from various colors and even finishes and easily incorporate them into the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. It’s also a great choice as it’s one of the most accessible materials to maintain.

Final Words

We hope that now you have a bit clearer picture of which direction your pool deck remodeling will go. Whatever material you finally decide on, be sure to keep in mind the factors we talked about in this article.

And if you have any more questions, we are here for you. Florida Pool Patio is a professional team with years of experience in pool remodeling and numerous satisfied clients. Feel free to contact us, and we will gladly help you.