Not many things are better than enjoying your time by the pool on a hot summer day. And we think spending your day playing pool games can compete with a chill day by the pool and easily win. Because playing swimming pool games is one of the best ways to spend your time with friends and family and also to cool down in the meantime while your favorite music is blasting through the waterproof speaker

We will share with you the best swimming pool games for adults that you can try out this summer. There are many games perfect for a mid-week break, and many more are suitable for a pool party. So, if you are looking for pool party ideas, you found the right place. So, be sure to keep reading if you are tired of boring pool party ideas and you are ready to experience the best swimming pool games.

The Best Swimming Pool Games for Adults

You know you can play pool volleyball or even basketball if you buy some pool hoops, but there are many more exciting games you can play during a pool party. We will share, in our opinion, some of the most exciting swimming pool games so that you never run out of pool party ideas. You will love them, and your guests will adore them. Buckle up as we share with you how to play the Marco Polo game and many more. 

Watermelon Polo

Water polo is one of the most demanding sports games, and people must be in good shape to play it. However, watermelon polo is a game perfect for anyone who wants fun. And playing water polo with watermelon instead of a ball is more fun. 

Things you’ll need:

  • One watermelon
  • Vegetable oil

The rules:

The game is similar to regular water polo, and there should be two teams. You should cover the watermelon with vegetable oil to make it slippery. Each team has its dedicated side of the pool, and the goal of each team is to move the fruit across the pool to the opponent’s side to score a point. 

It sounds easy, but it can be tricky yet super fun. You should only use your hands to move the fruit, and you can’t take it out of the water, and you also can’t throw it around. The team that first scores 10 points wins the game.

Marco Polo

Group of Beautiful Young People Looking Happy While Jumping Into the Swimming Pool Together


One super popular and classic swimming pool activity is the Marco Polo game. You can play it without any equipment; you just need a bunch of friends.

The rules:

The Marco Polo game starts when one person is chosen to be the “It” player. Everyone is in the pool, and the “It” player has closed eyes, and they have to find another person in the pool to tag it. Of course, the person has their eyes closed or blindfolded, so it must rely only on sounds. The trick to finding out where the other people are is to shout “Marco,” and everyone else has to shout “Polo” back. Once another person is tagged, they change to the new “It,” and the game continues. Other people that don’t have closed eyes can go out of the pool, but if the person that is trying to tag them suspects it, they can say, “Fish out of the water!” and if really someone is out, that person has to become the new “It.”

The old-school Marco Polo game is super simple, and it is best played if you have a big swimming pool. 

Water Poker

Did you know you can play poker in the water? If you enjoy playing poker, Texas hold ’em, or regular, why play it inside when you can do it by the water or in your pool. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Waterproof cards
  • Regular chips
  • Floating table

How to play: 

If you know how to play poker, you do not need an extra explanation about playing it in the water. The essential part is the floating table and waterproof cards. There are tables made explicitly for poker, while you can use any floating table if you already have one. Waterproof cards are a must, and once you buy them, you can use them for any other card games you usually love to play. 


When we talk about swimming pool games for adults, we must include at least one drinking game. And one of the simplest yet fun is beersbee. 

What you’ll need:

  • Poles 
  • Frisbee
  • Two random objects

How to play it:

Place two poles in the pool, make them at least 25 feet apart, and then put a random object on top of each. Each team takes turns throwing the Frisbee and trying to hit the object on top of the pole and knock it down. The players from the other team can try and catch the object from falling into to water and prevent the opposite team from scoring points. If they don’t manage to do it, they need to drink. 

Tug of War

Another classical game you probably played in the younger days is the tug of war. It’s simple and fun; you can play it without fancy equipment. 

What you’ll need:

  • A durable, long rope

How to play it:

Divide the people into two groups, place each group at the opposite ends of the pool, and give them the rope. Place a mark at the exact center of the pool, and both groups pull the rope to their side. The group that makes the opposite team cross the pool’s center wins. 

Another great way of playing this game that’s even better is to take a long rope and place both teams outside the pool. The team that pulls the hardest will make the opposite players fall into the water and make them lose.

Beer Pong 

Cups and Plastic Ball for Beer Pong Game on Table

We can’t end our list without this old-school party staple game. Beer pong has been in many people’s lives from their teenage years, and it is always super fun when you play it. You’ll need a few extra things for a version you can play in the pool, but we can guarantee you it is worth it. 

What you’ll need:

  • Inflatable beer pong table
  • Ping pong balls
  • Beer cups
  • Beer

The rules:

If you ever played regular beer pong, the rules for water beer pong are the same. But if you haven’t or somehow forgot how to play it, let us refresh your memory. 

You need to place the table in the water, place all the cups, and fill them with beer or your preferred beverage. You should have two teams, with ideally two players. The players from both teams take a turn and throw the ping pong balls toward their opponents’ cups. If they manage to land the ball in the cup, the opponent has to drink from it. Also, the cup is then taken away from the table.

Final Words

Games like this are a perfect way to spend quality time with your friends and family and use your pool for good. If you try just one game from this list, you will certainly not regret it. 

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