Even the most beautiful pools eventually wear out their charm and need a little sprucing up. After years of the same old pool, you’ll want to update the aesthetics or finally make that addition you didn’t have the budget for when you first installed it. 

And the good news is that pool remodeling can be much more affordable than you might expect. 

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite ideas to remodel and upgrade a pool on a tight budget. Let’s go over those first, and then we’ll give you some tips about what to expect when remodeling day comes. 

Pool Remodeling Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

All of the additions and upgrades in this article can be added to your pool after installation. Now, it’s true that you can make just about any alteration with a big enough budget, but these are remodeling additions that don’t require any substantial rework of your pool. 

LED Lighting

Hugely popular for both high-end and more modest pools. Underwater LED lighting is an excellent way to switch up the ambiance around your pool without making a huge investment. It’s especially impactful in the evening and can make a great statement for outdoor dinner parties and gatherings. 

Furthermore, modern LEDs are energy efficient, so it’s a small long-term and short-term investment. And you can install colored LEDs to make light shows and open the doors to a lot of fun ways to enjoy your pool. 

Outdoor swimming pool in the night time with Green LED light under water

Add Waterline Tiles

You’d be surprised at what a difference you can make to a pool’s appearance just by adding waterline tiles. It’s the equivalent of giving your pool a makeover, and it can cost less than $1,000. 

If you have waterline tiles installed already — and many pools do — you can get similar results by simply changing the tiles. New tiles provide a fresh new look, but if you do opt to change them, it may be worthwhile to resurface the pool while you’re at it. Some tiles may require a different surface than what you currently have, and that will make it a more substantial investment. 

Add a Salt Water System

You may have already heard about saltwater pools and how they can help you save money in the long run. If your goal is to save money on your remodeling, a saltwater system could make for a great long-term investment. 

It may not seem like a huge investment in terms of cosmetic appearance. But eliminating the stench of chlorine and other chemicals can do just as much to improve your pool’s appeal. And, some people find that saltwater systems make pool water less abrasive to their skin. 

UV Sanitation System

If you’re working to reduce the amount of chemicals used to maintain your pool, why not go the extra step and install a UV sanitizing system. Ultraviolet light has an antimicrobial effect, so it keeps your pool free from most microorganisms. 

It won’t completely remove the need to use chemicals, but it’s a step in the right direction. And the system is completely contained, so it won’t impact the pool’s appearance at all. 

Baja Pool Shelf

If the name Baja shelf doesn’t ring any bells, you may know this feature as a Cabo shelf, tanning ledge, Baja steps, sun shelf, or any of a dozen other names. The basic principle is a shallow area where you can dip your feet or just enjoy the pool without being fully submerged. 

There are many ways to incorporate this addition to your pool. One of the most popular is to simply add an oversized step to your pool’s entry that acts as a tanning ledge. But whichever iteration you choose, Baja shelves are a potential game-changer that can take a pool from drab and boring to fresh and exciting in a heartbeat. 

Waterfalls and Sprinklers

Adding water features is an excellent remodeling option for pool owners on a budget because you can choose how much you want to spend. You’ll find great choices at every spending level. If you only want to invest a few hundred dollars, you can do that. But if you’re ready to put a bigger price tag on your remodeling, there are plenty of options as well. 

And the beauty of water features is that they make a big impression regardless of how much you choose to spend on the remodeling. Even a simple cascade in natural stone can completely revitalize an aging pool. 

Swimming pool waterfall water pool sprinkler

Poolside Fire Pit

What better way to add a little contrast to your backyard than adding some fire to the aquatic features. A fire pit will mostly add a unique aesthetic element in Florida, but don’t underestimate how useful it can be for those few chilly autumn evenings we get. 

And even if you don’t need to get warm by the fire, it’s always a great way to create a cozy atmosphere and a natural gathering place. And there are so many designs to play with; you can even turn a fire pit addition into a major remodeling job. 

Resurface Your Deck

Short of changing your pool’s shape, resurfacing the deck is the most visually impactful remodel you can make. And that’s especially true if your deck is over ten years old. Chances are, there are many more affordable options available for pool decking than when that decade-old deck was installed. 

The most wallet-friendly option is to resurface your deck with concrete and call it a day. But you can add quite a bit of flair to a concrete deck with things like stamped overlays and spray texture overlays. 

Automatic Cleaning Systems

Sometimes, what you really need to appreciate your pool a little more is to think about it less. If you’re cleaning your pool manually at frequent intervals, that can kill the joy of owning a pool altogether. A simple automatic vacuum system can make your life easier and keep your pool pristine with a small investment. 

Manage Your Expectations

So that about sums up our best cheap pool remodeling options. So it’s probably a good idea to get into what you should expect from a low-cost pool remodeling. 

First and foremost, you shouldn’t go into it, expecting an entirely different pool. Your pool will still be there, and it will still (mostly) be the same. If you’re hoping for a fantastic pool remodel before and after, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. 

However, you can get a massive return on investment by spending wisely. Don’t restrict your renovations only to features that can enhance your pool’s visual appeal. Improving energy efficiency and reducing the chemicals you use will help you spend less in the long run. That way, you can budget more renovations with a long-term payout horizon. 

Ready to Remodel?

Now that you know your options, it’s time to make the leap and bring your pool back to life. And we’ve got you covered. 

Call us today, and one of our pool installation specialists will talk you through your options and give you a free estimate. 

Did we miss anything? Do you know of any other affordable pool features that make a big splash? Let us know! Leave us a comment below with your suggestions or questions.