Selecting a swimming pool for your backyard is an important decision with many variables to take into account, including size and cost. Florida Pool Patio can help you create an above ground pool that best meets your needs at competitive rates while providing all the information necessary for an informed decision about outdoor entertainment space. There are various reasons people opt for above ground pools in Miami, FL, here are a few:


Why Homeowners Choose Above Ground Pools in Miami

1. Competitive Prices

First and foremost, you’ll need to consider your budget. Above-ground pools tend to be more budget-friendly compared to in-ground swimming pools and can help keep costs under control by being smaller in size and design.

Above-ground pools should be treated as semi-permanent structures and therefore should not incur an increase in property taxes, making them an affordable swimming pool solution in Miami.

2. Easier Pool Installation

Setting up above-ground pools is usually quicker and simpler than installing in-ground ones. This is because the space where you’ll place your pool needs less groundwork. Above-ground pools can be ready in just a few days, while in-ground swimming pools can take several weeks to finish.

3. Versatile

Above-ground pools provide greater versatility when compared to in-ground ones, making them the ideal option for frequent mover and those wanting to change the layout of their backyard. They can easily be taken apart and moved, making this choice the ideal one.

If you’re planning to sell your house soon, above-ground pools may be an excellent temporary installation to consider. When it’s time to move on from this house, simply remove them when done and make your selling experience smoother while your family continues enjoying their pool while still living there. Plus if relocating occurs later on in life, take your pool with you!

If you find yourself unable or unwilling to keep up with pool maintenance, disassembling an above-ground pool will be much simpler and cost-effective than filling an in-ground one with water.

4. Less Pool Maintenance

Generally, above-ground swimming pools need less upkeep. Above-ground pools require less maintenance to keep clean, are less susceptible to weather damage, and require fewer chemicals. Even large above-ground pools won’t consume as much of your time.

5. Aesthetics

Above-ground pools have the power to look just as appealing as in-ground ones with proper landscaping and decorations. An above-ground pool deck provides an opportunity to create an inviting oasis where families and guests alike can unwind in comfort.

Especially if you have limited outdoor space, above-ground pools are often a more practical choice. In contrast, in-ground pools may not fit well in smaller areas.

If you’re wondering about the best option for your outdoor area, Florida Pool Patio can help you make the perfect choice. Our team assists customers across the Miami-Dade area in finding the right swimming pool to meet their outdoor entertainment needs while also considering above-ground pool prices. We take pride in offering pool repair, pool renovation, and pool construction services in South Florida.


Considerations to Make Before Creating an Above-Ground Pool in Miami


The cost is a crucial factor when constructing a backyard above-ground pool. Take into account not only the pool’s construction cost but also installation fees, ongoing maintenance costs, and necessary accessories. Compare prices to avoid overpaying.


Think about the available space in your backyard for the pool and how many people it should accommodate. There are various sizes and shapes of above-ground pools to choose from, so select one that suits your needs and fits your backyard space.


Look for materials and construction methods that ensure the pool can withstand outdoor conditions. Consider materials like steel or Resin with corrosion protection, as they tend to be more durable and have a longer lifespan.


Consider the pool’s shape that will provide the best swimming experience for you and your family, as each shape has its advantages.

Safety Features

Many above-ground pools for backyard use come with safety features such as anti-entrapment drainages, compliant ladders, and higher rails. Consider additional safety features like automatic pump shut-off switches and self-latching gates.


Choose a pool design that complements your backyard’s landscape and enhances its overall ambiance. It should be both functional and visually appealing within your outdoor space.


Above-ground pools in backyards require regular maintenance to remain safe and clean. Check if components like filters and pumps are easy to maintain, as they are essential for water quality and circulation.


Check the warranty provided by the manufacturer for damages or defects related to the pool’s construction.

Installation Process

Determine whether you can construct the pool yourself or if professional assistance is needed for its construction. Professional pool construction may cost more but can ensure better results and a quicker setup.


Consider the standard accessories such as ladders, lights, and filters that come with the pool. Some models may include extras like solar blankets and covers. Ensure you have the necessary accessories to enhance your swimming experience in your backyard pool.

These considerations should help you make informed decisions when planning to construct an above-ground pool in your backyard.


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