Anyone who wouldn’t want a swimming pool in their backyard? Imagine walking out in the summer months and gazing at that shimmering blue water, beckoning you to take a refreshing dip. If you desire a pool in your backyard but don’t want the hassle of installing and maintaining one, fret not. It’s entirely feasible to incorporate a pool into your design, even if you have limited square footage. Our collection of designs for small swimming pools encompasses a range of options, from budget-friendly stock tank pools to exquisite plunge swimming pools that could grace the pages of a magazine. 


What Is a Small Pool?

Although the size and dimensions of swimming pools can vary, any pool that is 10 feet wide by 10 feet long or less is considered small. For depth, 3 feet is ideal for soaking, floating, and lap swimming, while 4 to 5 feet is best for lap swimming. The rest is up to you.


Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Shape and Design

Circular pools can evoke a boho, rustic, or modern ambiance, while elongated rectangles lend a Mediterranean or modern touch to your pool. You’ll discover numerous examples showcasing how design elements like tiling or concrete stamping can enhance the desired aesthetic. Once you’ve settled on a pool design, consider incorporating potted plants and patio furniture to further enhance its overall vibe. If you’re seeking to inject some coolness into your outdoor space, these small pool designs are guaranteed to be a hit.

1. Make It an Indoor/Outdoor Pool

Indoor and outdoor pools have their benefits. This is just one reason we love the Scottsdale pool. It’s partially covered to provide additional shade and protection against the elements.

2. Add a Lap Pool

A vibrant blue lap pool on its concrete deck, provides an ideal spot for relaxation or exercise, depending on your preference. An infinity edge adds a stunning visual element, seamlessly blending with the breathtaking view below.

3. Install a Pocket Pool

A stunning backyard juxtaposes a dark and moody exterior with a brilliantly blue pocket swimming pool and simple landscaping, resulting in a striking aesthetic. It’s remarkable how the pool is enveloped by an array of vibrant greens. The minimalist surroundings further contribute to the serene ambiance.

4. Surround the Pool With Pea Pebbles

It’s a fantastic way to landscape around a pool. By opting for this approach, you can avoid the muddy and soggy mess that occurs when a pool is placed on the grass. This option not only enhances the visual appeal but also helps to maintain cleanliness.

5. Stock Tank Pool

In-ground pools and plastic cylinders on the lawn represent two extremes of backyard pools. A Stock Tank-Style Pool serves as a fantastic example of how above-ground swimming pools can be both stylish and cool. 

6. Try Precast Concrete

It’s cheaper to build a precast pool than a custom one, and it can be heated with solar energy during the winter months. Precast concrete pools offer a faster construction time, allowing you to enjoy your pool sooner and make the most of the swimming season.

7. Play With Color, Texture, and Patterns

A stock tank pool and poolside recreation area make excellent use of color, texture, and patterns. A mustard pool, accompanied by a matching throw blanket, creates a beautiful contrast against the teal outdoor chairs and white macrame.

8. Incorporate Gorgeous Greenery

A monochrome, Mediterranean-inspired pool and privacy wall enveloped by lush green plants on all sides, create a small backyard pool that feels like a private oasis.

9. Incorporate a Bar and Seating

Incorporating a bar and seating into an above-ground pool is a creative way to enhance your backyard space. By building a bar into the opposite wall of the pool, you can create a convenient and enjoyable space for socializing and relaxing. 

10. Opt for Cedar Siding

An endless pool can be a great solution for small pools, as it allows you to swim laps even in limited space. Create an above-ground pool that sits on a solid concrete base and features cedar shake siding, providing it with a Zen-like ambiance.

11. Install a Privacy Screen

Privacy screens can be a great addition to your pool area, providing you with the seclusion and tranquility you desire. One option for creating privacy around your stock tank pool is to install a faux bamboo wall. This design not only adds a touch of zen to your outdoor space but also effectively blocks the view from the outside, giving you the privacy you desire.

12. Get Artistic With a Stenciled Design

A small stock tank offers just enough space for a relaxing soak. If you have limited space, you can explore various small pool ideas that suit your needs. Enhance its appeal with chic stencils and a painted surface to create a stylish exterior.

13. Invest in a Plunge Pool

A tiny plunge pool is the ideal size to help you stay cool during the summer heat, regardless of the size of your backyard.  In this particular design, a rectangular plunge pool is positioned against a spacious patio, creating a seamless transition between the pool and the entertainment area. Limited space? If you have a space constraint, consider reducing the size of your patio to create a small dipping area.

14. Create a Pergola Paradise

Do not forget to include a place for relaxation in your checklist. You can enjoy sitting in style next to your small pool, even if it’s tiny. Our favorite option is this wooden pergola, featuring clear polycarbonate panels that make it usable during both winter and summer seasons.

15. Channel Hollywood Glam

A swan pool float, lounge chair cushions, and even the pool cushions give the impression that the tiny swimming pool is straight out of a toyhouse. There is ample space for sunbathing or enjoying a cup of coffee.


Transform Your Backyard Oasis with Small Swimming Pools

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